What kind of car-shopper are you?

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 WHAT'S GOOD FOR YOU? Shop around and find the car that fits into your budget. Image: ~ Shutterstock

Looking for a new car? Being a first-time buyer you might not realise how to start your car-buying journey.

We all shop differently. Some of us may be bargain hunters and some are impulse buyers.

It is easy to get caught up in the moment but your dream car still needs to fit into your budget, claims WesBank. If you plan your budget, you’ll know whether you can actually afford that hot new convertible you've set your sights on.


The excitement of buying a new car can lead to impulse buying.

Check out the list below and work out what type of car-shopper you are:

Value shopper: You want a quality deal at a good price.

Image shopper: You want your car to match your image.

Lifestyle shopper: You buy products that suit your lifestyle.

Methodical shopper: The car-buying journey takes you a couple months.

Safety-conscious shopper: Safety features are a priority for you and your family.


No matter what wheels you plan on financing, it is always good to shop around and find the car that fits into your budget. Don’t feel the pressure to buy a flashy car you can’t afford.

The best time to buy a new vehicle is when you're financially secure enough to afford the monthly installments on your new vehicle, including fuel and insurance. - WesBank