Watch: The reason why taxis 'disregard the law'

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 UNROADWORTHY DEATH TRAPS: Western Cape government emergency services spokesperson Robert Daniels says taxis involved in crashes are unlikely to be roadworthy. Image: Arrive Alive ~ Supplied

Cape Town - Earlier in August, News24 published a story regarding a crash involving taxi and a train in Shaka's Head, KwaZul-Natal, which killed 15 people. 

KZN Transport MEC Willies Mchunu called on road users to "realise the devastating effect of these accidents on affected families, communities and the country's economy".

Western Cape emergency services spokesperson, Robert Daniels, speaks on the prevalence of taxi crashes.

Taxis are seldom roadworthy

Daniels said: "We have vehicle crashes everyday, what makes taxis different is that they are seldom roadworthy. None of the passenger's on board is ever buckled up.

"There is a complete disregard for safety and the value of human life inside a taxi. When a taxi is involved in a motor vehicle crash, you can have upwards of 20 people injured. 

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He said: "A typical vehicle crash can have four to six people involved. As soon as you had a taxi into that equation becomes a much more."

Economically driven

Daniels said that a contributing factor to why taxis are not roadworthy is because the time spent fixing or servicing the vehicle negatively affects the income of a driver or owner.

He said: "A vehicle service takes an owner's money-making tool off the road for a few days. They (taxi drivers) don't expect us to understand how that's even possible because it brings in money every single day."

Watch: The reason why minibus taxis 'disregard the law'

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