Wake up! Cops find snoozing driver on freeway

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 RIGHT IDEA, EXECUTED BADLY: If you're so drunk that you feel that you're going to pass out, your car is a good place to sleep it off. As long as your ride is immobile and not on a freeway... Image: YouTube ~ Youtube

SAN DIEGO, California - California Highway Patrol (CHP) officers were alerted to a driver passed out in a Chrysler Sebring on a San Diego freeway.

According to the CHP, Amber Morgan was found unconscious behind the wheel of her Sebring on Interstate 805 near Clairemont Mesa Boulevard shortly before 1am on March 27.

The car was stopped in the slow lane of the freeway.


An officer attempted to wake her by tapping on the window but the car began rolling.

In a video uploaded to YouTube you can watch as an officer is forced to run alongside the vehicle and ultimately smashing the passenger-side window with his flashlight, reports the CHP.

Fortunately the officer was able to stop the vehicle and a dazed Morgan stepped out. Officers reportedly found  a partially-full bottle of liquor in the car.


Morgan was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol.

It shouldn’t have to be said but don’t drink and drive: Click on the gif below to view the clip