Momkhana: Drifting Minivan in the 'burbs

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 DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME: Momkhana, while a fun way to kill a few minutes online, should not be performed at home.Image: YouTube ~ Supplied

Parents who are habitually late dropping their kids off at school, take note. All you need is a modified, V8-powered minivan you can drift around suburbs, at least according to Famous Footwear.

A clip released by the shoe specialist, titled Momkhana, shows stuntwoman Shauna Diggins drifting her way through a school-run in a modified Toyota Sienna capable of a supercar-rivalling 410kW. That amount of power on tap will certainly make a trip to the shops a lot more entertaining.

Did we mention there are children in the rear?


In the video, a 'mom' picks up her kids from school in the family van before rocketing through streets on the way to a local shoe store.

VIDEO: Momkhana drifts through the 'burbs

The clip's title is a parody of stunt driver and self-processed motoring hooligan Ken Block's gymkhana clips. The video replicates many of Block's famous stunts including smoky donuts and drifts.

It's a great clip albeit fake in many parts including tyre-squealing and kids being chucked around in the rear.

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