Justice served: Road-rage bully arrested

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 GOT WHAT HE DESERVED: A driver is arrested and charged with assault following a road rage incident in Vancouver. Image: YouTube ~ Supplied

VANCOUVER, Canada - A road-rage incident was captured on camera in Vancouver, Canada. The driver of a white Suzuki punched the driver of a black Volkswagen Jetta. It's not clear what caused the unseemly scuffle.

Neither vehicle appeared to be damaged on camera but nevertheless the Suzuki driver felt enraged and threw a sucker punch.

Fortunately, he ended up being arrested a few minutes later.


The video was captured by a dashcam and its maker included some handy call-out text. Nearby authorities were called and arrested the Suzuki driver, who was later charged with assault.

It's satisfying to see the outcome of this road rage-battle resolved so quickly.

Watch the video!