8 tips to keep your trip safe for Easter

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 BE ALERT, COURTEOUS ON THE ROAD: Ensure your vehicle is checked, your journey planned and that you remain vigilant on the road during the 2015 Easter holiday period. Image: AFP ~ AFP

The Easter holiday period (April 3-6) will thousands of families making their way to holiday destinations in South Africa.

While accommodation plans are finalised, tours booked and outings planned, many people will not have taken care of the most crucial part of their holiday journey - their vehicle.

The AA says it is critical to ensure you have a reliable vehicle to carry your family safely to and from your holiday destination.


The AA recommends that vehicles be serviced ahead of any long trip and that drivers are well rested before setting off. Make sure:

  • All tyres are in good condition and conform to regulations (including the spare tyre)
  • That brakes and shock-absorbers are tested and in good condition
  • That the battery is still in good condition
  • That the windscreen wipers are working
  • All windows and mirrors provide good visibility
  • All electrical components (including lights and indicators) are working and, if you are towing a caravan or trailer, that the electrical feed from your tow hitch is working
  • Your AA membership is up to date and that you carry your membership card with you
  • That you have the AA Rescue App downloaded to your cellphone


The AA recommends that road users have a detailed route planned for their trip and that drivers stop for a break every two hours or 200km.

High crash- and death-rates have been reported during the Easter holidays so be vigilant and alert on the road.

The AA comments: "Adhering to speed limits and maintaining a safe following distance are important, as is ensuring all passengers wear a seat belt.

"While the Easter weekend begins on Friday April 3 the inland school term ended on March 25 which leads to an increase in traffic on the N3, N4, N1 and N2. The N1 to Limpopo will be especially busy on the days before Good Friday as members of the Zion Christian Church head to Moria for their annual pilgrimage.

"Drivers need to be aware of the expected heavier traffic on those days and on the days before April 13 when schools resume for their second term."