New Sasol GTC cars set for thrills

The iconic Grand Prix Circuit will present a new challenge to the GTC drivers as they tackle the country’s fastest racetrack on June 16.

Suzuki’s new Swift hatch and sedan in SA

Suzuki kicks off its new model assault with an all new Swift hatchback and standalone sedan called the Dzire.

MPH stunt idea winners!

2009-02-24 10:15
Our readers have been pushing their motoring creativity to the limit to produce some of the craziest and spectacular stunts they can imagine. We've had plenty of responses ranging from a dyno demonstration gone haywire to racing blindfolded around the arena.

BP ultimate have chosen their top 5 reader stunt ideas. The winners are:

Broken dyno fiasco

I think that this would be a cool stunt:

Jeremy and Sasha talk about the most powerful car in the world, (for the purposes of this example the Bugatti Veyron). Then they put the car on a dyno to see what that sort of power looks like standing still.

The car gets revved up, takes off on the Dyno metre and quickly accelerates through the gears. But, all of a sudden, you hear cracks and you see parts flying! The dyno is falling apart!

The car shoots off the dyno and narrowly misses allocated pieces of works! Like a brand new Ferrari, or an irreplaceable Aston Martin!

It could look like an accident, but planned to perfection, it could make the most avid petrol head wet himself!

I like it, I hope you do!

Martin Kronstrom

The great Stig reveal

I would get The Stig to come out in any car and do a couple of rounds and skidding manoeuvres.

At the end of this stunt a smoke bomb explodes... The vehicle will be surrounded by smoke, which completely covers the vehicle, while a driver swap takes place without the crowd noticing. When the smoke subsides The Stig gets out of the car, makes a bow for the crowd and reveals his face. (Remember we swapped drivers).

I suppose it could really be anyone - but it would be really cool if you could get Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s to fill this role! And this will add to Jeremy Clarkson’s comment of The Stig actually being The Bishop himself.

I don't know how probable it is, but I am sure that Bishop Tutu is always up for a joke and laugh and will ease the minds of millions of fans to know just who The Stig really is.

Morné van der Westhuizen

Crowd pleaser

I think more audience participation would be great - especially if some members of the crowd are chosen randomly to be a part of the action.

They could be chosen to sit next to them when they do their stunts (obviously after signing a waiver). Fans will be thrilled at the opportunity. It could be a lucky draw at the beginning of the show.

The lucky winners at the end can then participate maybe in the last event. They can then maybe get signed autographs with the stars.

It would be fabulous, a once in a life time opportunity, and something to talk about for time to come.

Stanton Naidoo

Wind tunnel

Very often you hear that the aerodynamics of a vehicle are so good that it creates more down force than the actual weight of the vehicle, so much so, that it is possible to drive the vehicle upside down (e.g on the roof off a tunnel).

Your only problem is finding a suitable venue, a very light and fast car and someone crazy enough to try it.

Succeed and you will make history, fail and you'll be history, but it should be an awesome stunt.

Cliff Moore
Blind race

An idea for next year’s show could be a gymkhana in the arena.

To make it more interesting, perhaps let Jeremy, Richard, Sasha, The Stig and maybe Paul Swift be the contestants. The catch though: they need to do it blindfolded and one of the other hosts is their navigator. Should make an interesting contest…

Or maybe a gymkhana with a couple of local celebrities as the contestants instead of the star in reasonably-priced car.

Gary Meintjes

Representatives from BP will contact the winners.

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