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BP Ultimate fuel facts

2011-02-21 08:21

BETTER PERFORMANCE: Using BP Ultimate fuels could give you an extra 960km a year.

Globally acclaimed performance fuel BP Ultimate will again power all the cars at the 2011 Top Gear Festival.

BP Ultimate is endorsed by automakers the world over and really can help you get more kilometres out of your tank.

Independent tests in a range of vehicles have shown that using BP Ultimate Unleaded can improve fuel economy by as much as 25km per tank. So, for a typical car doing average mileage, that could mean up to 720 extra kilometres in a year.

BP Ultimate Diesel can help you get as much as an extra 36km per thankful and some customers may realise even better improvements.

For more info on BP Ultimate click on www.bpultimate.co.za


1. Did you know?
Besides BP, no other petroleum company has backed up its fuel economy claim with a specific number of extra kilometres. BP Ultimate Unleaded and Diesel, can give motorists up to 25km and 36km more per tank, respectively, compared with ordinary fuels.

To experience the benefits of BP Ultimate fuel, why don’t you put it to the test?

2. Did you know?
For a typical South African motorist doing an average of 24 000km a year, using BP Ultimate Unleaded petrol consistently could give you as much as 960km extra, which equates to a return trip from Johannesburg to the Kruger National Park or from Johannesburg to Durban with mileage to spare to explore the coast

To experience the benefits of BP Ultimate fuel, why don’t you put it to the test?

3. Did you know?
Independent tests have proved that by using BP Ultimate Unleaded instead of ordinary unleaded, motorists can get up to 25km more per tank.

To experience the benefits of BP Ultimate fuel, why don’t you put it to the test?

4. Did you know?
Independent tests have proved that by using BP Ultimate Diesel instead of ordinary diesel, motorists can get up to an extra 36km per tank. A typical diesel car doing average mileage could go up to 720km further in a year.

5. Did you know?
Extensive trials and tests performed on BP Ultimate were also observed by the AA’s Technical Team, and it was the results of these trials that gave the AA the confidence to recommend BP Ultimate fuels to SA motorists and to use it in all its fleet vehicles.

6. Did you know?
The key features of BP Ultimate Unleaded are exceptional engine cleaning performance, as well as friction reduction and anti-corrosion properties, which together contribute to lower exhaust emissions, enhanced performance and improved fuel economy.

7. Did you know?
BP Ultimate benefits all vehicles. On cars with dirty engines – it cleans up deposits – and on new cars – it keeps them clean by minimizing deposits. BP Ultimate is for any motorist who cares about keeping their engine running clean.

8. Did you know?
Continuous use of BP Ultimate will clean up deposits that may exist and help keep deposits from forming - enabling an engine to run cleaner and perform better. BP Ultimate has four times the cleaning power of ordinary unleaded fuel.

9. Did you know?

BP has conducted extensive testing of BP Ultimate. Our fleet and lab tests show that BP Ultimate not only prevents an average 97% of deposits from forming in a new engine but it also helps “clean up” a dirty engine by removing 75% of existing deposits.

10. Did you know?
BP Ultimate can start working straight away. Tests show that a significant amount of existing deposits can be stripped away after about five tankfuls and when used continuously an average 75% of deposits are removed.

11. Did you know?
Performance means fuel economy (mileage), drivability and emissions. If engine deposits have hampered your car’s performance, BP Ultimate offers restored and maintained peak performance.

12. Did you know?
BP Ultimate will improve your car’s fuel economy when used on a continuous basis if your vehicle has lost some performance due to intake valve deposit build-up.

13. Did you know?
To get the maximum benefit of BP Ultimate, we recommend at least five-fill-ups initially to clean your engine. With the consistent use of BP Ultimate you will be able to maintain optimum engine performance.

14. Did you know?
All fuels are not the same. We have ample substantiation of the cleaner performance benefits of BP Ultimate. Extensive tests were completed globally and in South Africa to substantiate the BP Ultimate performance claims.

15. Did you know?

In order to provide the best fuels available to motorists, the additive for BP Ultimate is specially blended at terminals local to the individual market.

16. Did you know?
BP Ultimate is kind to the environment. We have ample data that demonstrates the improved reduced emissions of BP Ultimate resulting from the clean-up of engine deposits.

17. Did you know?
Not all fuels are the same. Some of the different properties include octane, sulphur and emissions levels. Car performance varies as a result of different fuels including fuel economy, engine power and acceleration. BP Ultimate contains a unique additive package which differentiates its performance across all these attributes – improved fuel economy, increased power and faster acceleration.

18. Did you know?
By continuously using BP Ultimate, car owners will be able to keep their engine clean, helping to prevent any loss of performance due to deposit build-up – right from the start.

19. Did you know?
By using BP Ultimate, the cleaner performance and reduced deposits mean that individual vehicles will have reduced exhaust emissions.

20. Did you know?
BP has developed a lead-free 98 octane racing fuel which is approved by Motorsport South Africa (MSA) and has contributed to the success of the SA BP Ultimate / Volkswagen rally team – claiming the national championship for four consecutive seasons.

21. Did you know?
BP Ultimate Diesel powered well-known rally ace, Giniel de Villiers to championship victory in the 2009 gruelling Dakar Rally.

22. Did you know?
BP Ultimate is fuelling Ferrari in the South African Pro Tour circuit racing series with its acclaimed high octane racing fuel.

23. Did you know?
BP was chosen by FIFA as the official fuel supplier for the 2010 FIFA World Cup™. BP Ultimate was used to fuel the FIFA and LOC fleet and all team buses.

To experience the benefits of BP Ultimate fuel, why don’t you put it to the test?

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