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Vredestein: Customer reviews

2013-08-23 14:11


WILD ON WHEELS: All-weather, off-road, low-noise... Vredestein’s premium tyre range has a variety of offerings to suit any driving need. Image: Vredestein

Heralded as one of the most elite performance tyre brands in Europe, Dutch-engineered Vredestein is now exclusively available in South Africa at Dunlop Zones, reports SA Treads magazine.

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Manufactured in Enschede, Netherlands by Apollo Vredestein, the range, which comprises passenger, SUV, light truck, agricultural and industrial tyres, is said to offer superior safety, performance and handling to top-end vehicles.


Here’s a selection of customer reponses posted by Independent driver review Tyrereviews.co.uk:

“The front tyres do a great job in providing steering feedback, turn in is progressive and the sidewalls are likeably stiff so when I'm cornering fast I know where the car is going. The only thing to add regarding the rear tyres is that they do a great job sticking 450bhp to the floor where the old run-flats would have the car snaking around. Bonus: The tread pattern looks very aggressive.”

“Very good grip and I’ve got many friends to convert to these tyres and now they love them so much they don’t want anything else!”

“Great tyres! Anyone who drives an M5 knows how fast it can chew up tyres without even driving it hard. They are such heavy cars that they just seem to wear tyres out at a frightening rate, the Vredesteins have lasted longest out of any tyres I have tried.”

“Rock solid tyres. Great on a BMW coupe. Handling is superb. I have bought 2 sets of these and will buy them again as long as I own the car.”


“Can't recommend these tyres enough! These tyres are super quiet and grip makes the car seem as though it is on rails going around a bend.”
“Very, very progressive, when at the very limits they would slide in a really nice well behaved manner and dealt with standing water really well…I have never felt so much grip in the wet - really was very good at the real limits and I will buy again just for the confidence of how well they gripped in the pouring rain while driving beyond anything possible on a real road.”
“Great grip, wet or dry, felt like on rails on tight bends, ride is quite comfortable, great road feedback. This is a top quality product. Will buy again. Oh, it looks awesome too”
“Wish I had done this ages ago! They perform better, cost less, LOOK better (check-out that cool Guigiaro designed tread pattern) and are quieter (less road noise). I’m delighted with them and great value for money, too. Will not hesitate to fit them again.”
“I had Vredestein Ultrac Vortis fitted and the difference is like night and day. The first things you notice is the ride and the noise - or to be more specific the lack of noise. Gone is the tooth shaking effect experienced every time you went over a patch in the road or a change in surface, now the car just rides over them , the reduction in tyre noise is incredible. Tram-lining is a thing of the past you can actually drive the car now. The grip is fantastic and the rears respond instantly when you put your foot down. Overall I am impressed.”


“I now have 225 40 R18 Vredestein Ultrac Vorti on all corners. They look great with a very sleek tight look and a good rim protector. My car now sits better on the road. Dry and wet grip is amazing. I will be choosing these again for sure!”
“I have given these tyres full marks across the board as they have completely transformed my car. These blow my previous tyre choice away. Grip is superb in all conditions and they are much quieter.”
“I'm very impressed by the look, performance and value of these tyres. They sit especially well on the rims - with a good rim protector and a nice square tyre wall. They also bedded in very quickly.”
“Excellent tyres. The wet and damp grip is amazing and dry grip is on par with any of the best road tyres I’ve used (which were nearly double the price). Road noise is minimal and they produce zero tram-lining compared to previous brands.”
“They are amazing, they have completely changed the handling of my car. They are so much quieter on the motorway and now it’s such an enjoyable ride. As they grip so much it’s made my car feel quicker, and they look so good. It’s the best looking sidewall on any tyre anywhere!”
“The Vorti is a fantastic tyre from start to finish! The design of the sidewall gives a 'designer tyre' look which compliments the upgraded alloy wheels I have fitted to my vehicle, in heavy rain the tyres cope fantastically and have so far not missed a beat! Would highly recommend to anyone!”


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