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Pup in peril? Biker dog caught in Cape

2013-09-09 10:11

IT’S A DOG’S LIFE: A reader spotted a dog riding a motorcycle near Century City, Cape Town. The video shows the dog sitting on what appears to be a bed/seat fastened in front of the rider. Image: YOUTUBE

A Wheels24 reader who wishes to be anonymous, but we'll call her Kate, sent us a video of a motorcycle rider spotted near Century City, Cape Town with a dog riding on the fuel tank.

Back in August 2013 we reported on a rider in Edenvale, Gauteng, captured on camera with a little girl clinging to his back. The video sparked outraged among our Wheels24 readers as they were understandably concerned for the safety of the girl.

What if it were a dog riding on a motorcycle instead of a little girl? Would you feel the same? Would safety still be a concern?


In September 2013, a Wheels24 reader sent us this video of a motorcycle near Century City, Cape Town, with a pup on the pillion. The video shows the dog sitting in front of the rider.

Video: Rider's pillion pup

Here’s what she had to say:

The video was taken on Ratanga Drive near Century City. I produce daily vlogs (video blogs) on YouTube for fun and this was something my husband and I saw while driving home after 5pm.

I know somebody who's seen this guy on a regular basis at a bar or two and he explained the dog is used to riding around like this. My issue is that the dog cannot hold on to the bike/rider like a person.

My dad always told me from the day I started driving: 'Pretend everybody else on the road is an idiot who can’t drive'. So, with that thought, while the man on the motorcycle might be a safe rider, someone else might come to grief and collide with him.


We all know why bikers wear leather jackets and helmets, so why is it OK to endanger a dog which has nothing to protect it in a fall? The video does show the dog sitting on what appears to be a padded bed/seat fastened over the bike's fuel tank.

If it’s illegal to ride with an animal in the boot of your car, and its technically illegal to ride with passengers in the back of a bakkie, how is this guy still riding around with his dog on his bike?

As my video says, we need to make informed, responsible decisions in the best interests of the animals.  Yes, I agree the dog sitting there is cute, but being a pet owner means putting the needs of your animal before your own.

UPDATE: Wheels24 reader MARTHA BRINK says Jack the Pillion Pooch “loves the bike” and is as “safe as he would be in a car".

In 2013, Wheels24 reported that dogs in New Zealand, rather than chasing cars, were being taught how to drive them - steering, pedals brakes, the lot.

Do you think the rider should be punished - would the rider like to give us his side of the tail and tell us more about his pillion pup? Email us and we'll publish your thoughts on Wheels24.


Driver's lucky escape

2013-09-03 07:42
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