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Ram chops! Bush-biker T-boned

2013-09-12 11:46

WHAM, BAM, THANK YOU RAM! It’s one thing to be charged by an angy sheep but quite another to video the attack from the animal’s perspective. Well done to Nelson Bomber for a ram-tastic video! Image: YouTube

A rider incensed by an angry ram attacking his bike on a mountain pass, did the only sensible thing – attach a camera to the bike-hating ram. Watch the hilarious rampaging ram-cam video!

In July 2013, YouTube user Nelson Bomber posted a video showing his battle with a bike-hating ram in New Zealand.

Bomber said: “I was riding my trail bike up a hill when I came across this grumpy old ram with huge horns, It charged my bike then started attacking me, surprisingly powerful animal. I couldn't turn my bike around as I was on a steep hill and if I did he would have charged me side on which could have broken my leg.

“This animal is known for its aggression and attacks for no reason. It’s even attacked a group of pig-hunting dogs. In the end I had to pick up a branch and wave it around, he didn't like the noise and backed off enough for me to make my escape.”

Video: Ram-cam captures bike attack

In September 2013 he had a re-match with the angry animal and did the only sensible thing - he attached a camera to the wolly warrior!

Bomber said: “OK, so maybe I have too much time on my hands, but I got loads of requests to mount a GoPro camera on the ram. I managed to catch him and put a Velcro-like mount on his back.

“He smashed into my bike and the impact broke part of the camera and the bike but I got the video... along with a few more bruises.”

In the ram-cam video you can watch as the irate ram seems to stalk Bomber from the woods then charge his bike and ultimately chase the rider up the mountain path.


“I used a curved piece of plastic with a few pieces of hooked wire underneath. It's a bit like Velcro as it hooks onto its wool but doesn't touch its skin. The GoPro was on a suction cup mount attached to the plastic.

“The camera was on it for a few hours though most of the viveo shows it munching on leaves in the bush. As soon as it heard the bike coming it jumped out of the bush to do battle. Don't worry, no animals were harmed... only humans."

Driver's lucky escape

2013-09-03 07:42
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