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7 tips for longer-lasting tyres

2013-08-19 12:25

Roger Green

YOUR GUIDE TO LONGER-LASTING TYRES:Budget and second-hand tyres might not be the best option for drivers; they are cheap but could put your life at risk. Image: Newspress

Tyres are often your biggest car cost after fuel, so make sure you get your money’s worth.

Online tyre retailer Best4Tyres.com shares top tips to get maximum use and value out of your tyres.
1 Drive carefully

Driving carefully not only reduces fuel consumption but also reduces wear and tear on your vehicle. This is equally true of tyres. If you drive fast and take corners at speed your tyres will wear out quickly.

The same rules apply to parking, since you can easily damage their side walls by being unobservant.


2 Check tyre inflation monthly

Over-inflated tyres can bounce you around unpredictably, under-inflated tyres give poor handling characteristics and cost you more in fuel. What’s worse,  seriously under-inflated tyres can heat up and explode.

Research the correct pressures, front and rear, for you tyres. Set yourself a monthly reminder. 

3 Check your alignment

Do your tyres have exaggerated tread wear on one side? Is your vehicle veering to one side?

This might be due to incorrecet wheel alignment. They’ll possibly be illegal on the road so head to a tyre specialist to have them realigned.
4 Purchase quality tyres

If you can afford it, purchase tyres from top suppliers. Budget tyres usually have poor fuel efficiency ratings, so you might save on your tyres but you’ll fork out extra in fuel costs. Premium tyres have shorter  stopping distances and road-grip.


5 Repair broken rims

Damaged alloys or torn rims can puncture tyres. Repair them as soon as possible.

6 Think long term – buy winter tyres

If you live in a harsh-winter area and are planning to keep your car for five years or more, you should pay less over time if you have a separate set of tyres for winter. That way, you’re less likely to damage your summer tyres and you’re safer all-year round. Your tyre supplier will often store them if you ask and while you’re at it inquire about a low fitting fee.
7 Keep your best tyres on your rear axle

Usually your front tyres will wear more quickly as they do most of the work. In an emergency, you don’t want your rear tyres to skid first or you might end up in a spin.

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