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SAC's fortuitous Fortuner

2007-12-04 11:58
Toyota Fortuner
It is a Toyota, and it is class leading in all departments, but that does not mean that you have no performance options available to yourself should you need or even want to enhance your vehicle.

Of course modifying a vehicle that costs in excess of R300 000 is not a step you should take lightly. In fact, you should consider all your aftermarket motorised options before you have anything done. There are many performance claims made in the market place, but exceptionally few, if any, are backed up with independent testing or proof, never mind a 6-month warranty.

Dealing with a reputable business like Steves Auto Clinic, takes the risk out of the equation. A business that has prospered in a highly competitive and ever changing market for over 20 years has certainly got the recipe for service and success down pat.

This is not only because they have invested heavily in R&D, and the best technicians on the market, or even the best equipment available, but it is also because they use the most reliable and latest tuning technology available.

The Toyota Fortuner pushes out 120 kW of power along with a hefty 343 Nm in standard form from its 3.0 litre turbodiesel mill. This is enough to take care of your most of your motoring needs under most conditions.

But when it comes down to the serious lifestyle task of towing boats, quads or caravans, as most Fortuners on the road do, or even a simple want for more from your vehicle, this will not be enough for the discerning motorist.

SAC have the answer in the form of a diesel Power Plug. This unit is able to seamlessly interface with your vehicle's ECU (Electronic Control Unit) and as such, the SAC technicians are able to optimise the air-fuel mixture, timing, boost and injector pressures, under various loads and driving conditions without cutting into any wiring harnesses on your Fortuner.

Taking into account the tough South African conditions, such as high altitude, long distances, high speeds, high temperatures and the various qualities of diesel, SAC can reliably offer you 138 kW and 390 Nm for your 3.0 D-4D, and this will take care of any power improvement need you might have.

So for around R5000 fitted, contact a SAC branch near you for a booking or should you have any other enquiries or performance enhancement needs, then take a tour through their comprehensive website at www.steves.co.za .


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2013-09-03 07:42

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