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SAC to open research centre in SA

2007-07-23 15:55
In what must be hailed as the most exciting development in the history of the local after-market vehicle industry to date, Steve Fischer, SAC Founder, excitedly announced that SAC would be opening a state-of-the-art, dedicated research and development centre in July 2007.

The last 18 months at SAC has been very busy with the addition of some great new, and as always, in-house purchased development cars, both diesel and petrol running along the lines of the Golf GTI, Focus ST, Nissan Navara and Polo 2.0. But in order to remain the market leaders, as they have been for over 20 years, they have correctly identified the next stepping stone in this legendary success story is the need for such a centre.

The market place competition is upping their game all the time, bringing new and better product to the after-market scene quicker than ever before. Customer's demands are changing too; they want quick, high-powered and reliable solutions with minimal modifications to their vehicles.

Everybody in the industry, and out on the street, knows that tying up personnel and equipment training staff and developing cars is not at all cost-effective in the daily scheme of running a business. Nor is it beneficial to the customer to be doing hazardous and time-consuming development work on their cars.

So it was with all this in mind that a vast amount of money and energy was invested in a site that will offer superior boardroom facilities for meetings, training rooms and modules for training all levels of staff from the most junior, through to the technical side of the workshop, into sales and finally even into management of the branch itself. This thoroughly modern building will also boast a state of the art dyno facility where all facets of the power upgrade process can be monitored, controlled and passed onto the various SAC branches situated throughout the country.

In a move to see this transition happen as smoothly as possible, SAC have drawn in one or two of their own long serving and highly qualified technicians from the field and will also be employing highly qualified specialists in the field of electro- mechanical engineering with a passion for performance motoring to assist Fischer himself in heading up this ground breaking project.

For further information on what this means for you the customer and the motoring industry at large, contact Steve Fischer directly at info@steves.co.za or call 082-4517039.

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