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SAC plugs power into Mitsubishi

2007-11-28 11:57
SAC Triton
In the past few months, Mitsubishi has launched a host of new turbodiesel powered leisure and light commercial vehicles into the market. And Steves Auto Clinic already has a selection of fully developed and tested Power Plugs for this entire range.

What is a Power Plug and how does it work?

The Power Plug is a piggyback computer unit that is capable of interacting with your vehicle's ECU (Electronic Control Unit) in order to perfectly optimise the air-fuel mixture, timing, boost and injector pressures on your vehicle.

By using state of the art tuning methods, the technicians at SAC are able to individually tune your vehicle to its optimum whilst taking into account the unique and tough South African conditions encountered daily, such as high altitudes, long distances, high speeds, high temperatures and various qualities of diesel.

A further advantage of the Power Plug, is that the original ECU and its wiring stay untouched, no cutting into wiring harnesses or overriding engineered in safety parameters, you just plug it in and go!

So what can be expected for the Mitsubishi range?

The Triton was first launched as a 100 kW and 314 Nm option only. Not too bad at all for a turbodiesel in the under 3.0 litre class. But when fitted with a Power Plug, gains of 15 kW and 50 Nm are on the cards, now resulting in a 2.5 that feels and goes like a 3.0 litre.

Most recently, a potent 3.2 D-iD was added to the Triton range, producing 118 kW and 343 Nm. Certainly substantial in anybody's books, but still not enough to lead the ever-competitive bakkie class. After the fitment of a Power Plug to this model, the class is redefined, the 3.2 now also pushes out an extra 15 kW but with a tar churning 60 Nm more of torque under foot too.

Not to be forgotten, the Pajero 3.2 D-iD also comes in for the SAC treatment, in this model derivative, the turbodiesel powerplant makes an impressive 121 kW and 373 Nm in standard trim.

And since this heavy luxury vehicle will be mostly loaded to the brim and called upon to transport the entire family to all parts of the country, SAC have not held back, and can offer a massive 20 kW and 70 Nm gain on this family SUV.

For more information visit or contact a SAC branch near you, as with pricing set at around the R5000 mark across the board, this power upgrade is the most reliable, best value option on the road today.


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2013-09-03 07:42

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