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Fresh look for the king of 4x4s

2007-04-12 10:42

Toyota Landcruiser

Rugged and durable, the one-ton Land Cruiser Pick-up thrives in extreme conditions and has been continually upgraded and adapted to ensure it retains its edge in performance, reliability, and heavy-duty loadability -characteristics that have become legendary amongst commercial off-road users and adventurers.

This most trusted name in 4X4 1-ton pick-ups now receives a fresh new look and some added features as this legendary and virtually indestructible vehicle continues to evolve and build on the magic formula that has gained a world wide reputation as the vehicle of choice when the going gets really tough. In addition to the styling changes, a number of functional and convenience features have been added.

The styling changes impact on the front end of the vehicle and the cab with this area of the vehicle virtually new from the ground up, although the chassis and driveline remain true to the proven Land Cruiser formula that makes this a practical vehicle to use even in the most remote locations.

The Land Cruiser styling team has redesigned the front end of the Pick-up to reflect a more contemporary look that allows new generation styling without any dilution to the ultimate purpose of the vehicle as this long-life model continues to evolve. As with earlier models this new Land Cruiser Pick-up gives the impression of being hewn from a solid billet, albeit softened by the new wraparound headlights that incorporate turn indicators. The bonnet, grille, front bumper, and mudguards are all revised. With the new packaging the front track is increased by 80mm.

Under the skin there are a number of functional changes. Of interest to the long range adventurer will be the increase in fuel capacity of both petrol and diesel models to a total of 180 litres. This is carried in twin tanks, each with a capacity of 90 litres.

Front and rear differentials incorporate differential locks with electronic selection of either rear differential lock or front and rear lock. Suspension remains the proven combination of live axles front and rear with coils at the front and leaf springs at the rear. Both the front coil and rear leaf rear springs are now to Toyota?s heavy duty specification for the Land Cruiser Pick-up.

The front suspension is designed to provide long travel. At the rear long leaf springs are used. These two systems act together to provide a superb overall ride, handling and stability characteristic with excellent wheel articulation and suspension compliance.

Inevitably the need for 4X4 traction arises in conditions when it is least desirable to get out of the vehicle to lock the hubs to facilitate the transition to all wheel drive. Now the Land Cruiser Pick-up has automatic locking front hubs. The change to four-wheel drive is now achieved without the need to stop and lock the hubs.

A change to the design of the clutch pedal has improved the feel of the clutch and optimised the pedal ratio. This, together with a revision to the spring assist mechanism reduces clutch effort. The power steering has been revised to provide a better feel, particularly at slower speeds.

The addition of a long range tank in the specification takes up the space previously occupied by the spare wheel under the load box. The spare is now mounted behind the driver in the load box. A lockable guard frame provides theft protection for the spare.

Comfort and convenience items included in the latest specification include a digital clock, air conditioning and key operated central locking. The vehicle is pre-wired for radio fitment with an antenna fitted as standard. An auxiliary power point is provided under the bonnet.

The diesel engine variant relies on the 4,2-litre 1HZ engine for power. This engine develops 96 kW at 3800 r/min and 285 Nm of torque is available at 2200 r/min.

The 4,5-litre petrol Land Cruiser pick-up is fitted with the electronic fuel injection 1FZ-FE 6-cylinder engine. Maximum power available from this engine is 162 kW at 4600 r/min and peak torque is a healthy 384 Nm at 3600 r/min.

Both petrol and diesel variants are fitted with cyclonic air filters with pre-filtering and both models have 12-volt electrical systems. Service intervals are 10 000 km for both petrol and diesel models with an oil change at 5 000 km intervals for the diesel version.


Ground clearance - 235 mm Overall length - 5095 mm Width - 1770 mm Height - 1970 mm Load capacity - 1095 kg GVM - 3200 kg Approach angle - 38° Departure angle - 29°


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