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Facts about BP Ultimate diesel

2008-01-23 11:27
To get the best out of your vehicle, whatever the make or model, BP Ultimate Diesel has been designed to powerfully clean your engine to give you more performance and less pollution.

BP Ultimate Diesel is a cleaner fuel. It burns more evenly and completely and has up to four times the cleaning power of ordinary fuels. BP Ultimate Diesel cleans your engine as you drive so it runs more smoothly and efficiently.

The exceptional cleaning power of BP Ultimate Diesel removes the deposits that other fuels can leave behind on critical engine components, such as fuel injectors, which have a significant impact on vehicle performance and emissions.

BP Ultimate Diesel has been specially formulated to have powerful cleaning properties so that it removes existing deposits and keeps engines clean. Using BP Ultimate Diesel can increase fuel flow by an amazing 380% during the critical early stages of injection.

Our tests show that with regular use of BP Ultimate Diesel, deposits on a typical fuel injector nozzle are powerfully removed.

The removal of these injector deposits ensures a better quality fuel spray, allowing the fuel to burn more efficiently and completely. These tests show the difference in spray quality between an injector having run on ordinary diesel compared to one after regular use of BP Ultimate Diesel. Deposit build up around the injector nozzle can restrict fuel flow leading to poor spray quality and adversely affecting the precision of control as fuel is injected into the engine. This in turn can lead to poor combustion. An optimum spray pattern is maintained when using BP Ultimate Diesel, which is critical to the quality of the subsequent combustion process.

BP Ultimate Diesel has the highest average cetane number in South Africa, significantly above the standard cetane number for diesel fuels in this market. Cetane number is the key measure of diesel fuel combustion quality and similar to octane numbers for petrol, the higher the cetane rating of diesel, the better its combustion quality.

With its higher cetane number BP Ultimate Diesel burns more smoothly and completely than ordinary diesel, which means you can expect it to deliver more power and improve the acceleration of your vehicle.

Additionally, BP Ultimate Diesel powerfully cleans your fuel injectors which improves fuel delivery and produces a better quality fuel spray which means that the fuel actually burns better, delivering more performance from your engine.

In fact, our tests show that for diesel vehicles the increase in power output achieved through the use of BP Ultimate can be more than 8% compared to ordinary diesel. And some customers may achieve larger improvements.

BP Ultimate Diesel delivers acceleration benefits

The sharper acceleration delivered by BP Ultimate Diesel can feel like you're driving with a bigger engine.

With up to four times the cleaning power of ordinary diesel, BP Ultimate Diesel powerfully cleans your fuel injectors as you drive, improving fuel spray quality which is critical to the subsequent combustion process. Additionally, with its higher cetane number, BP Ultimate Diesel burns more smoothly and completely than ordinary diesel. This means that you can expect BP Ultimate Diesel to deliver more power and sharper acceleration from your vehicle.

Tests run under tightly controlled conditions show that BP Ultimate Diesel delivers an improvement in acceleration time of up to approximately 8%, compared to ordinary fuels.

BP Ultimate Diesel takes you further

Less harmful to the environment

BP Ultimate Diesel is a new advanced performance diesel, developed to deliver significant improvements in performance and specially formulated to reduce exhaust emissions.

With the number of vehicles on the roads increasing, more traffic means more emissions, and that will have a resulting negative impact on air quality. So, if you care about the environment, but also want a fuel which makes your engine work better, BP Ultimate Diesel is the solution: it produces fewer harmful emissions than ordinary diesel and actually helps clean your engine to give you increased performance at the same time.

BP Ultimate Diesel has been tested on a wide range of vehicles, and assessments carried out in BP laboratories and test facilities show that BP Ultimate Diesel delivers reductions in emissions of unburnt hydrocarbons (HC), carbon monoxide (CO), oxides of nitrogen (NOx) and particulates compared to ordinary diesel. These emissions benefits are derived from a cleaner engine and a higher cetane quality which together mean that BP Ultimate Diesel burns more efficiently than ordinary diesel.

A selection of vehicles were driven on ordinary fuel and then emissions tested. The same vehicles were then switched to BP Ultimate Diesel and driven over the same distance as previously before being tested again. The data were then compared as shown in the graph.

In addition to these regulated emissions, BP Ultimate Diesel also delivers significant reductions in visible smoke, and has been shown to reduce the number of ultrafine particles emitted, especially under high speed conditions when the highest levels are produced.

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