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KIA: Now it's the edgy, wedgy Koup

Kia continues to pleasantly surprise the South African car market with its growing product choice. The addition of the sexily sporty, 225km/h, Koup, says DAVE FALL, has just made things even better.

Developing an icon

2007-07-23 15:55


In a very short space of time, the latest incarnation of the GTI has become something of giant slayer on local roads. Competitively priced, good performance, sharp handling, great looks and that all import GTI logo, well now you can another badge, a more feared one this time, the SAC logo.

Drawing on their over 20 years experience in the performance enhancement business, Steves Auto Clinic have almost finished development on a very cost effective and reliable plug and play upgrade for the turbocharged Golf MKV GTI.

The car in standard form has the right goodies going on underneath it to lend itself to a reliable upgrade without compromising safety and driveability. Its sits firm and squat on the road thanks to a standard fitment lowered suspension, roof spoiler and optional bigger 18 inch alloy wheels.

But the heart of this beast is the ultra efficient 147kW and 280Nm of FSI turbo power. These numbers allow the GTI to accelerate with great ease in any gear and at any speeds. All the driver has to do is to put his foot down and the 2.0 engine responds eagerly.

And by eagerly, we mean that on the Reef the standard car does 0-100 km/h in just less than 8 seconds and 200 km/h in a brisk 32 seconds, stopping at a respectable top speed of 230 km/h. In gear acceleration is also as to be expected, getting through any tested segment with respectability.

Now enter SAC with their very first run out in their development car, and the eager becomes more like urgent. The 0-100 km/h time comes up in just over 7 seconds, 200 km/h a whole 6 seconds quicker and top speed stops a fraction short of a very jailable 240 km/h. And as can be seen from the accompanying table, the in gear acceleration improves substantially too.

The good news does not end there though, as already stated, this is the very FIRST time this car has been out and the chip used is still wired into the car's standard harness as per the old style of chip tuning. Shortly, the chip will be replaced with a complete and hassle free plug and play unit and tuned to produce the final result which just may see the car take on the likes of the much more powerful Opel Astra OPC head to head and come out tops.

We will keep you updated with development as they happen and will run a full road test of the final product when it becomes available shortly. Steves Auto Clinic branches are situated countrywide, so pay them a visit and tailor a package to suit your budget or take a whirlwind drive through their comprehensive website at www.steves.co.za or contact Steve Fischer at SAC Holdings on 016-9811033 for further information.

Before and after tests SAC VW Golf MKV GTI

Sprint Times Standard - SAC

0-100 km/h - 7.83 secs - 7.30 secs
0-200 km/h - 38.22 secs - 31.97 secs

Flexibility: Standard - SAC

60-100 km/h (4th) - 5.81 secs - 5.17 secs
80-120 km/h (5th) - 7.76 secs - 6.56 secs
100-140 km/h (6th) - 10.60 secs - 8.38 secs

Top speed standard:- 230.27 km/h at 5 600 r/min in 6th (245 km/h clock)
Top speed SAC: - 239.57 km/h at 5 800 r/min in 6th (255 km/h clock)


Driver's lucky escape

2013-09-03 07:42

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