Looking forward to your next SA road trip? More than 3000 believe 'roads are too dangerous'

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 ROAD TRIP IN SA: Are you planning a road trip during the holidays? Or will you be 'staycationing' in your city? Image: ~ iStock

Cape Town - Say the words 'December holidays' and Capetonians will flock in droves to one of many beach spots around the Western Cape. 

Gauteng usually empties out as thousands pack their cars for a road trip to the coast.  

The truth is, whether you're heading from Johannesburg to Cape Town or seeking some sun in Durban, the annual December/January holiday period sees millions of South Africans taking to our roads.

Are you excited about your next road trip? For some readers, heading out on our roads is a daunting prospect...

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What the readers say

We asked readers 'Are looking forward to your next SA road trip?' and our poll garnered 12 564 votes.

Interestingly, the views have been mixed... 

'Are looking forward to your next SA road trip?'

3533 (28%) readers said 'Yes, I need a break' 
2360 (19%) 'Yes, Looking forward to spending time with family'
2986 (24%) 'No, It's too expensive to travel'
3685 (29%) 'No, SA roads are too dangerous'

Overall readers are split wanting to take a break 28% and those (29%) who believe our roads are too dangerous to travel during the holidays.

Perhaps you're keen on a 'staycation'.

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Planning a road trip for December/January? Tell us where you plan to drive to and, most importantly, what car you're driving. Email us

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