5 ways millennials win at road trips

Sam Smith
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Cape Town - Millennials are tech-savvy, armed with the latest apps and equipped to navigate their way to the finest bars, food trucks, dumpling cafes, cereal bars and accommodations.

Who says a 20-year-old can't afford to stay in a beach house during the holidays? Definitely not Airbnb.

People who were not born in the late 80s, 90s or 'noughties' are asking if millennials actually know how to travel better despite being young.

There is no definite answer for how to travel correctly, however we can say millennials do things differently. 

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Millennials also do not experience the same anxiety that would normally affect older travellers. They're more likely to hit the road on a whim. Buying a surfboard or bikini from online store like Superbalist? There’s no other way.

If something gets faulty or outdated, they can simply try something new.

Here are five tips to use when planning your next road trip...

1. Take advice from your friends #fomo #gowiththeflow

Word of mouth is one of the most powerful tools for travel. Every summer when SA tertiary institutions close, young people make their way through the Garden Route to Plettenberg Bay for Plett Rage - a prime example of SA millennial travel.

If you are keen for a weekend of festivities, beach frisbee freedom from the parents, might be the right escape for you. 

Plett Rage Routes:

If you are travelling from Cape Town or Stellenbosch (five and a half hours), the N2 takes you through Swellendam, Mossel Bay and the Garden Route to the sunny seaside town. 

Port Elizabeth to Plettenberg Bay (two and a half hours) goes along the coastal N2. Be prepared for toll roads.

2. They splurge on better padkos #greenjuice #coconutwater #rawcoco

Padkos can be an important part of your journey if you plan ahead. Move away from stale rusks and old mebos, millennials want awesome padkos and are willing to spend money on it.

Things like gourmet sandwiches, bagels, vegetable crisps, fresh popcorn and pressed juices are some healthy food options millennials enjoy.

3. They are always prepared to hit the road #young #free

Why only go away once this season, when you can have multiple getaways? Millennials go to many places they love, swim at only the prettiest secret beaches and let their hearts lead the way (instead of their pockets). 

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Make sure you pack items such as binoculars, swimming costumes, a change of clothes, sleeping bags and cash for toll roads.

Who knows where you could feel like driving to after work. 

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4. South Africa is their oyster #explore #adventure #newbeginnings

Millennials have no issues with travelling to places they previously would not have been allowed to go to.

They are open to new routes and journeys; they don't let outdated theories, hipsters or fancy food stop them in their pursuit of the ultimate road trip. Neither should you.

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5. There's space for everyone #party #carpool #

Millennials are not afraid to mix and mingle with foreigners, as they expect the same when they venture overseas.

The ideal places to meet new people this holiday season is to let your road trips lead you to beach bars, outdoor festivals and your destination's local backpackers. 

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