WATCH: Jozi bakkie driver towing a trailer that only has one wheel!

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 DANGEROUS! A Wheels24 reader spotted a bakkie towing a trailer that was missing its right wheel. Image: Supplied ~ Supplied

Cape Town - Earlier in November, we published a video of a car towing a scooter along Vanguard drive in Cape Town.

We asked our readers whether they've seen similar bizarre instances on our roads. 

Reader Tamaryn Verios, sent us a clip, filmed by her husband in 2015, of a trailer being towed without all of its wheels in Lombardy East, Johannesburg. 

The seven-second clip shows a trailer, towed by a bakkie, missing its right tyre. Despite the trailer riding on one of its rims, the bakkie driver was intent on reaching his destination without remedying the situation.

Car towing a scooter in Cape Town: What the law says in SA

Verios' husband said he didn't notice a passenger in the car and he eventually passed the bakkie/trailer so has no idea what ultimately happened to the driver. 

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Watch the clip below: 

Have a closer look:

We asked Johan Jonck of Arrive Alive to weigh-in on the situation: 

"This is an example of the levels of selfish and thoughtless behavior on our roads. The vehicle is clearly not roadworthy and a threat to the safety of all the other road users on the road.                        
"It both destroys our road surface and begs the question how could this person believe that it is okay and that he could get away with this? It also emphasises the importance of effective and visible traffic enforcement as no traffic camera will be able to stop and prevent the threat that this moving violation poses to road users."       

Jonck adds: "We appreciate the public sharing these pics and video material but remember not to use your phone to do so while driving as that would be an offense as well." 

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