Travelling Trucks are back! Here's how they did it

Louzel Lombard
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 MAKING A RETURN: Traveling trucks are making a comeback and it's doing it in a big way! ~ iStock

Cape Town - Vans and trucks have always interested travellers. 

Many of us have had that nostalgic dream of driving on the open road with everything and everybody you need right by your side. Imagine not having any prior plans, and just being able to 'wing it' wherever you go. Bliss. 

While trucks, vans, caravans, RVs and mobile homes have always had the road trip charm, they are making a comeback in more than one way. 

Here are four reasons we're falling back in love with trucks:

They're revving up the accommodation industry

Do you love sleeping in a motorhome but don't like dragging it behind your car? Then check into Old Mac Daddy in Elgin or the Airstream Trailer Rooftop Park at The Grand Daddy Hotel in Cape Town. 

These niche establishments have imported old Airstream trailers and converted them into cool sleep-over spots. The trailers each have their own themes - like Bees, Plants or Books - and take guests on a dreamy journey during their stay (figuratively speaking, of course)... 

They're still the perfect surf-wagons 

Not only for their looks, but also their practicality. If you're an avid wave-chaser, you can't deny that this would be the ultimate beach-mobile. Firstly, it serves as a changing room to get into your wetsuit without outsiders having to see your bum. It's also got room enough for all your mates, their boards and their gear. 

And when the waves had taken their toll, you just throw your board on the roof - no mess, no fuss and no worrying that your board or your car would be damaged in the process. 

A photo posted by @surfers_vans on

If you're in the Cape Town area, you can hire one of the classic Volkswagen Kombis for a day. You can inquire online

They're inspiring entrepreneurs to open small businesses across SA

Trucks are no longer only the many, retro food trucks you see at hip markets. 

Other small business owners have jumped on board and are offering niche services at weddings and other private events too. There are coffee shops in trucks - like Full of Beans coffee Vespa in Joburg. There are frozen yogurt shops in trucks - like FrozenYO in Cape Town and treat in Joburg. And there's even champagne trucks to keep you bubbling - like the new POP that was launched at The Wedding Expo in Cape Town recently. 

(Photo: POP Champagne truck launched at The Wedding Expo)

These nifty little vans are wonderful for pop-up businesses. Overhead costs are much lower than in buildings, and owners get to follow the masses to make more money. 

FOOD, glorious food 

Having said that food trucks are a little mainstream these days, we still cannot deny their greatness - and their deliciousness. 

Going to a vegan festival in the forest, or an oxbraai on one of the most remote beaches in SA? Rest assured there'll be a dedicated truck geared up to serve the masses.  

Food trucks have made a comeback of note, bringing cool fast food to every nook and cranny of the country. And we can't thank them enough. 

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