14 car myths you believed as a kid in SA

Janine Van der Post
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 Image: Janine Van der Post ~ Wheels24

Cape Town - Children have vivid imaginations and often they have to comprehend the world around them on their own

In the same way, they have their own knowledge and about cars.

Most folks tell their kids fables or white lies to quiet down in cars or to "simplify" a complicated subject.

Here are the top 14 myths the Wheels24 team believed when they were tiny little petrol heads in the making.

14 myths about cars you believed as a kid:

1. If you hang your hands or feet outside of a car window, someone will drive past and chop them off!

2. South Africa's entire road network is one giant race track.

3. Driving on the yellow line makes a car travel faster and saves petrol.

4. Whether it's heading out to your local shop or heading out for a road trip, you MUST always wear clean underwear - advice from our collective mothers - Editor

5. Cars that have the same body colour are all driving to the same destination.

6. Number plate letters stood for your parents initials and where they came from. e.g CFM - Cape Town, Firgrove, Marcus...

7. You can make your car more powerful by filling it with jet/rocket fuel.

8. You can drive your dogs to pet/doggy heaven when they die to drop them off at the pearly gates.

9. All dads were former race car drivers.

10. The spare wheel is inflatable and can be blown-up like a balloon.

11. Shooting a car's petrol tank will lead to a huge explosion.

12. Cars should drive on road lines (as opposed to between them).

13. Hitting the rev limit could cause a car to explode.

14. If an adult lit a cigarette at the petrol station while a car was being fueled it would burst into flames.

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What did you believe as a child about cars or which silly tales did your parents tell YOU about cars when you were younger?   Email us and we'll publish your thoughts.

From the Wheels24 team:

GO-KARTING IN THE 90s: Sergio Davids at a go-kart track in Cape Town in 1996. Image: Solomon Davids

Sergio Davids: "This pertains to myth No.1 - my parents told me that that dangling my hands or feet out of a car window would result in another road user driving past and chopping off my appendages!"

Cars my parents owned while I was growing up:

Mini Cooper
Opel Kadett
Toyota Corolla
Toyota Camry
Renault Scenic

'FORD IS LAWD' Janine Van der Post with her father's Ford Escort 1600 Sport back in the 1980s. Image: Marcus Gordon

Janine Van der Post: Myth #3 My father would always drive at a snail's pace on the yellow line whenever we drove up to the West Coast. When I asked why he would say that it saves fuel and also the wear and tear of the tyres. #6 I would also make up names and places for registration plates on cars. My understanding was that the letters depicted where you lived, worked and your father's name. #5 I also thought that cars of the same colour would eventually all drive to the same place.

Cars my parents owned while I was growing up:

Vauxhall Viva 1200
1972 Ford Escort 1300 Mk2
1978 Ford Escort 1600 Sport Mk2
1980 Mazda 323
1985 Ford Sapphire
1994 Ford Escort
1996 Nissan Sentra
2007 Golf Mk1 

Sean Parker: I'm guilty of myth No.2 - When seated at the back of my dad's Ford Sierra XR6 I would naively wonder which car was leading the pack of traffic. I believed the road network was the never-ending story. But which supercar was in front? Was it a Ferrari, Lamborghini or a Porsche? I'll never know. ;-)

Cars my folks owned:

Ford Escort XR3
Ford Sierra XR6
Opel Zafira 1.8
Toyota Run-X
Volvo XC90

Wheels24 user Ethan Welby-Solomon showing off his love for cars since he was a tiny tot. Image: Caryn Welby-Solomon

Which car myths did you believe as a child? What silly stories were you told? Email us and we'll publish your thoughts...

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