Road-trip dilemmas: 8 top safety tips

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Before hitting the long road for you family holiday this yea there are loads of checks to go through and the route needs to be planned.

Be prepared for road hazards, heavy traffic, bad weather - even, heaven forbid for you all - a solo crash or a collision. It happens - be prepared for it and avoid panic by reading our tips on what to do and who to call.

Thanks to Arrive Alive for compiling these great tips!

Be ready to go - physically. Be alert, refreshed and prepared. Stop every hour or two for a break and to let the kids stretch their legs but look out for criminals while you do so.


Best of all, make sure your car/bakkie/caravan/trailer is/are roadworthy before you wind up for a long period at 120km/h. Check our list of things to do.

Lastly, make sure all of you come home safely afterwards. There's little so ignominious as becoming a road accident statistic - take it easy and hope you'll still be reading us in 2015!

Go check our eight important articles:

Planning the Journey / Rules of the Road

Vehicle Fitness /Roadworthiness

Driver Fitness / Driver Fatigue

Defensive driving behaviour

Avoiding criminals on the road

Recognising the safety of all road users

Safe driving in challenging road conditions

Emergency stops and crashes