POLL: Majority of Wheels24 readers don't use second-hand tyres

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 CONTROVERSIAL PRACTICE: The majority of Wheels24 readers who answered a homepage poll were adamant they did not use second-hand tyres. Image: Supplied ~ Supplied

Cape Town - In late October Wheels24 reported that one of the biggest dangers South African motorists faced is driving on second-hand tyres and re-grooved tyres. 

According to Riaz Haffejee, CEO of Sumitomo Rubber South Africa it's a factor that many motorists ignore and one that can have dire consequences

We ran a homepage poll and asked readers if they use second-hand tyres on their vehicles.

The results make for interesting reading as the poll garnered over 22 000 votes.

Poll results

Do you use second-hand tyres?

I do, but haven't experienced any issues - 4% 888 votes

Yes but only because new tyres are too expensive - 9% 2130 votes

Never! I always replace worn tyres with new ones - 84% 18951 votes

Doesn't affect me - 3% 628 votes

The large majority (84%) said they never use second-hand rubber and only buy new tyres when replacing. 

The second highest tally (9%) were readers said they were forced to fit second-hand tyres because new rubber was simply too expensive.  

Do you use second-hand tyres? Have you witnessed or experienced a tyre blow-out? Email us or get in touch via Facebook and Twitter.

4% of the respondents said they do use second-hand tyres, however they had not dealt with any serious issues. 

Finally, 3% of voters said the issue of second-hand tyres does not affect them. 

In the run-up to the festive season which sees an increase of vehicles on our roads, it's imperative that motorists do proper checks on their tyres. 

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6 basic rules on tyre safety:

1. Tyres should always be replaced with the same size designation as recommended by the vehicle or tyre manufacturer. 

2. Tyre brand, size and tread pattern must be the same on each axle.

3. All four tyres should be of the same size, speed rating and construction (radial or cross ply). 

4. Guard against used tyre imports, many of which are beyond retreading but are retreaded and sold illicitly. Similarly watch out for counterfeit tyres - illicit copies of respected brands. The advice is to always look for the SABS stamp of approval. 

5. When two radial tyres are used with two cross ply, put the radials on the rear axle. In some cases (especially commercial vehicles) the manufacturer might recommend different-sized tyres for the front and rear axles. 

6. Never assume that the tyres on your vehicle are correct, even if you have newly purchased it. Unless you bought new from an authorised dealer your vehicle may already be fitted with potentially lethal tyres.