General Grabber range proves anywhere Is possible

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The General Tire brand philosophy, “Anywhere Is Possible” is testament to the American manufacturer’s proven reputation of class-leading performance, superb reliability and exceptional value for money, which makes it an extremely popular contender in the replacement 4x4 tyre market.

Its impressive General Grabber line-up includes two off-road oriented products: the Grabber AT and Grabber MT. General Grabber ATThe Grabber AT is a proven winner in the all-terrain 4x4 tyre segment, having dominated two independent tyre tests conducted by reputable South African 4x4 magazines.

Its distinctive tread pattern has been designed in such a way that it is suitable both for use in rough terrain as well as on-road. This all-terrain expert features a large number of robust blocks that interlock with the ground, and allow the vehicle to maintain traction, steer precisely and ensure short braking distances on rough terrain. The deep tread grooves provide additional grip when the vehicle is traveling over muddy roads or slippery grassland.

Aggressive shoulder blocks that reach into the side wall of the tyre prevent the sidewall from being damaged. The Grabber AT offers high tread strength for driving on the road too, and thus carries out the steering and brake commands precisely.

General Grabber MTAs a thoroughbred specialist in hard off-road use with a 80/20 bias, the Grabber MT features an open, self-cleaning tread with solid blocks. These interlock with rubble, stony ground, sand and sludge to ensure ultra-high traction, even on the most difficult terrain.

To protect the tyre from impact breaks and damage, its three-layer carcass is designed to be particularly robust and hence long-lasting, even in extreme off-road use. General Tire manufactures the Grabber MT for 15 and 16 inch rim diameters with metric and US sizes. As an off-road specialist, it is approved up to 160 km/h.