Car spotted towing a scooter in Cape Town: What the law says in SA

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 DANGEROUS: A reader in Cape Town spotted a car towing a scooter. Image: Wheels24 ~ Wheels24

Cape Town - From reckless drivers to unroadworthy taxis and vehicles on our roads, South Africans are exposed to all manner of extremes in terms of motoring. 

A reader from Cape Town shared a video of a Mazda 323 midge towing a scooter.

The vehicles were spotted along Vanguard drive in Cape Town.

The scooter rider managed to hang on and no injuries or incidents were reported. 

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Watch the clip below:

Bizarre scenario spotted in Cape Town: Mazda 3 towing a scooter. ?????? ??: @tisha_september

A video posted by Wheels24 (@wheels24_sa) on

Wheels24 contacted lawyer Alta Swanepoel (of Alta Swanepoel & Associates CC), for comment regarding the 'scooter towing' clip.

She said: "As long as all the conditions are met, it is theoretically legal, but I must say it looks very dangerous."

Johan Jonck from Arrive Alive said: "It is important to remember always that we are not driving on our roads alone. We have an obligation to share our roads safely and to be considerate of other road users. In this incident we need to ask - 'Is it Legal, is it Safe or are there Safer Options Available?'

"What could possibly go wrong - and in the event of a sudden emergency - How much control would I have over my vehicle (scooter).

"The increased safety in using a safer alternative (loading the scooter on a bakkie / trailer) should far outweigh the pressing need to have the scooter repaired."

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The National Road Traffic Act's legal requirements for towing a vehicle in SA: 

Reg 330. No person shall operate a vehicle on a public road towing
another vehicle—
(a) if the length of the tow rope, chain or tow bar between the two
vehicles exceeds three and a half metres; 
(b) if the towed vehicle is connected to the towing vehicle in such a
manner that both vehicles are not under control; 
(c) unless the steering gear of the vehicle being towed is controlled by
a person holding a code of driving licence authorising him or her to drive the class of such vehicle, if the towed vehicle is fitted with steering gear contemplated in regulation 200(1): Provided that the provisions of this paragraph shall not apply in the case where—
(i) the steerable wheels of the towed vehicle are being carried clear of
the ground; or 
(ii) the device connecting the towing vehicle to the towed vehicle is
such that the steerable wheels of the towed vehicle are controlled by such device; 
(d) if the brakes of the towed vehicle do not comply with the provisions
of regulation 155, unless the towing vehicle is connected to the towed vehicle by means of a drawbar or tow bar; 
(e) at a speed in excess of 30 kilometres per hour, unless the towing
vehicle is connected to the towed vehicle by means of a drawbar or a tow bar; 
(f) if the towed vehicle is conveying persons at a speed in excess of 30
kilometres per hour, unless the towed vehicle is a semi trailer; or 
(g) if the towing vehicle is a motor cycle, motor tricycle, motor
quadrucycle or pedal cycle.