Middle-seat kids: Why are they special?

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 BETTER THINGS IN STORE: According to research, if your child gets the middle-seat straw, he or she is more likely to succeed in the business world. Image: Newspress ~ Newspress

LONDON, England - Siblings hemming you in, no window access, limited legroom... sitting in a car's middle back-seat has long been considered a bum deal.

New research conducted for Skoda's Octavia car, however, shows that being a middle-seat child could set you up for success, particularly in business.

In the director's seat

A study of more than 1000 British respondents with two or more children has shown that 90% of people in director-level positions sat in the middle, as did 72% of business-owners and 62% of senior managers.

These developments may well be to do with the personality traits that middle-seat kids develop: 44% of them described themselves as easy-going, reasonable (28%), patient (25%), level-headed (21%) and adaptable (21%).

About 80% of grown-up middle-seat kids attribute their work/life success to their childhood car position.

Consultant child psychologist and mother of three Laverne Antrobus explalined: “Skoda's research is really interesting; a car is a unique environment and a lot can be revealed when everybody is sitting together in a confined space.

Can a car affect your personality

"It’s fascinating to see how the seating position in the back of a car, often over many years, can directly reflect or influence our personalities. Whether middle-seat children were made to sit there or not they seem to develop positive traits which prove to be of real value as adults and, interestingly, often in their career.”

Although avoiding the least-popular perch was a source of argument for 43% of families, 66% of middle-seat children actually enjoyed their lot. Moreover, one in 10 respondents has remained a middelmannetjie to this day.

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