Back in time with Chev, Ranger topples Hilux... 10 top SA motoring stories

Charlen Raymond
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 TOP STORIES THIS WEEK: From off-roading in the Mitsubishi Pajero Legend II to a mother fighting drunk driving, we have a diverse group of stories. Image: Wheels24 ~ Wheels24

Cape Town - With another week drawing to a close, we look at the best South African motoring stories that made the headlines this week.

Undoubtedly the biggest surprise came when it was revealed that the Ford Ranger outsold the Toyota Hilux in October 2016. This is pretty big considering that the Hilux is SA's bakkie king and was the best-seller in its segment since being launched earlier this year.

The Ranger was not only the best-selling bakkie, it was also the best-selling vehicle in the country!

Another interesting story was when Ferdi de Vos took a 2016 Chevrolet Trailblazer to 'meet' its successor: a Chev Suburban from the 1940's. With decades and oceans of differences between the two vehicles, it was a reunion that would make any petrolhead's day.

Ever thought of exploring our neighbouring countries, but don't know what to do or expect? We even have you covered for road trips this week. Saddling his bike and romping through SA and its four neighbouring states, Cyril Klopper shows how to do an epic road trip in just 21 days.

But the most touching and most moving story was that of an NPO, SADD, fighting to kurb drunk driving in SA. When SADD founder, Caro Smit's son was killed in a drunk driving accident 11 years ago, she made it her mission to fight against this evil and prevent others from losing loved ones to drunk driving.

Her passion and drive for this initiative is palpable and we wish her and her team the very best for the future.

Here are our ten top stories.

1 Ranger trumps Hilux! New bakkie sales for October

The new bakkie sales for South Africa reveals the Ford Ranger trumping Toyota's Hilux by quite some margin.

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2 10 things you should know about the refreshed Chevrolet Trailblazer

Chevrolet has given its flagship Trailblazer a makeover. Here's all you need to know about the refreshed SUV in SA.

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3 Classic Chevs: World’s 'first SUV' meets its successor in SA

1940s Chevrolet Suburban and 2016 Trailblazer SUV... Ferdi de Vos compares two Chevrolets from two very different eras in motoring.

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4 South Africans against Drunk Driving: A mother's battle to end road carnage

Drunk driving is one of the biggest contributors to road deaths in South Africa. For volunteer group, South Africans against Drunk Driving, the fight is all too personal...

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5 The Mitsubishi Pajero Legend II is 'one heck of an off-roader'!

Wheels24's Charlen Raymond is still on a high after concluding that the Mitsubishi Pajero 'is what's needed when you trade the city-life for traversing the wilderness'.

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6 Five countries, 21 days... Here's how to have a epic African Road Trip

Just finished varsity and in need of an epic road trip before you settle behind a desk? Or perhaps your family deserves a holiday. Here is a road trip through five African countries you won’t soon forget!

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7 Vivo dominates, X-Trail makes top 10... Best-selling cars in SA

VW continues to lead the new car market with its Polo Vivo and Polo, the only passenger cars to surpass 2000 units sold in October 2016. We list the best-selling cars in SA.

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8 Stay in your car, keep vents closed... How to drive through a veld fire

Drivers who are caught in the smoke of a veld fire are at risk of a crash due to limited visibility. Here's how to avoid becoming a statistic.

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9 Clunk, screech, thump: Here are 12 common car sounds and what they mean

What's that sound coming from your car? A sound you know means trouble and that it's going to cost you. Here are 12 explanations for common sounds...

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10 Car insurance: And SA's best vehicle insurer is...

Insurance companies and OEMs are rewarded for the services they provide. Mutual & Federal and Ford walked away with top honors.

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