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Warning – these bikes will make you want to quit your job!

2017-02-23 06:00

Dries van der Walt

Have you ever looked at a parked bike and fell in love to the extent that you would be willing to throw rationality overboard and become the type of full-time biker you only see in the movies!

Believe it or not, there are a number of bikes available on the second-hand market that could have exactly that effect on you. I’ve dug through AutoTrader’s bike listing and came up with a number of good candidates. Here they are:

Ducati xDiavel S

I expect that if Ferrari were tasked with developing a minivan, the result would be pretty similar. The xDiavel is a marriage between a cruiser and a superbike, combining the former’s seating position with the latter’s performance and handling. The result is a machine that will attract a crowd wherever you stop.

Harley-Davidson Road Glide CVO

Apparently the mount of choice of Hollywood bike gang members, the Road Glide is huge, heavy and supremely comfortable. Accessory-wise it sports everything including the kitchen sink (cleverly hidden in a secret compartment that only a select few know about). Who wants to go to work when he has one of these to hit the open road with?

Kawasaki ZX-10

Arguably the king of the superbike hill – for now, at least. Light, compact and sure-footed, the ZX-10 is a bike that’s easy to ride fast. It’s the kind of machine that makes average riders look good and good riders look brilliant.

BMW R 1200 GS Adventure

Why stop riding where the road ends? The R 1200 GS Adventure is one of the most popular bikes available, and with good reason. It is as much at home on the highway as it is in the bundus. The only job you could possibly consider keeping if you have one of these, is if you are a game ranger.

Honda CRF 1000 L Africa Twin

Honda’s Dakar-inspired legend reborn. Not as good a long-distance tourer as the GS, but the Africa Twin’s off-road focus makes it a credible continent-crosser. It’s light and manageable, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how well the DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission automatic) version handles serious off-road riding.

BMW K 1600 GT

BMW’s second-from-top tourer is as close as you can come to a luxury car on two wheels. It probably has more electronic wizardry than a NASA launch control centre. Pampered by all the creature comfort the GT offers, once you’re on a roll you’ll probably just keep going until you run out of dry land. Job? What job?

Triumph Thruxton R

Awaken your inner hippie with this throw-back to the 1960s café racer craze. The Thruxton R was the surprise winner of not just the local Bike of the Year award, but an international one as well. With both the looks and the feel of sport bikes of bygone years, it is nostalgia with an injection of modern performance and handling. Jobs are for the suits – grab your leather jacket and meet me at Aces.

Kawasaki ZX-14R

Kawasaki call the ZX-14 the world’s fastest-accelerating production bike, and I’m not sure that I will argue with them – the most descriptive word for its acceleration is “relentless”. If you own one of these and you absolutely have to have a job, you can always make your living winning Sunday-night street races.

Triumph Scrambler

Another Bonneville derivative, the Triumph Scrambler is your ticket to becoming a movie star. After all, that’s what Steve McQueen did – although I suspect his looks and acting ability might have played a small role, too. Even so, with this bike you’re halfway down the road to Hollywood already. All you need now is Clint Eastwood’s cell phone number.

Aprilia RSV R (WSBK spec)

Not your average commuter – if you fancy yourself a worthy successor to Max Biaggi, this one’s for you. Get it and become a professional racer, because no sane person will classify racing as a “job”. The only problem is that you’ll need to win more than a few times to justify the price tag.

And there you have it – my round-up of bikes that will tempt you to swop your business suit for a set of leathers. But a word of caution – think long and carefully before you hand in your resignation letter. Three seconds, at the very least. And please note that I cannot accept responsibility for any divorces, loss of income or deaths through excessive enjoyment that may result from buying any of these bikes.

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