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These vehicles have the biggest boots in the new car market

2018-03-15 11:59

From shopping to suitcases to sports equipment, we all need some space to stow our stuff. After extensive research, we can reveal which car gives you the most boot for your buck. Prepare to be surprised.

Worldwide and in South Africa, consumers’ seemingly ceaseless shift towards hatchbacks and SUVs - in particular - have left the humble sedan fighting for its existence. Yet when it comes to shuttle services, these beasts of burden remain the preferred choice. And there’s a very good reason for that – boot space – and lots of it, often at a very competitive price.

For the purposes of fairness, this study has not included vans and vehicles such as SUVs, hatchbacks and pseudo-seven seaters that require for their rear seats to be folded forward to increase loading capacity (and therefore sacrificing functionality), as well as keeping affordability in mind.

As some form of a median reference, the Toyota Corolla’s boot has a loading capacity of 452 litres. However, this is the big league and all contenders fall in the 500-plus litre category.

Luxury saloons: The Lexus LS460 comfortably pips that of its opposition with a boot size of 560 litres. Its nearest competitor, the Audi A8, can only muster 520 litres of loading space.

Estates: Had Mercedes not decided to discontinue the E-Class estate in South Africa last year, at 640 litres its boot size would have trampled all over its competitors. So instead that honour goes to its compatriot from Ingolstadt, the Audi RS6 (565 litres), both making a strong case for the unloved (and very much underrated) estate class. By contrast, the RS6’s sedan sibling, the A6, musters 530 litres to match the BMW 5 Series, though both trail the Mercedes-Benz E-Class by a mere 10 litres.

You can also consider the Volvo V90 Cross Country (560 litres). And for those on a slightly tighter budget, the Subaru Outback comes in at 512 litres.

The in-betweeners: A slightly lonely segment – sales and contender-wise – that is dominated by Volkswagen, where the underrated Volkswagen Passat shocks with its monstrous 585 litres, as opposed to the Jetta’s more humble carrying capacity of 510 litres.

Budget brawlers: This is an all-out fight for Japanese pride between Toyota, Honda and until the Sentra was discontinued locally in 2017 – Nissan. The Etios sedan punches above its weight with a boot capacity of a whopping 562 litres, leaving both the Ballade and the Sentra behind with a cargo capacity of 510 litres each.

The winner? Starting at R174k, rand-for-litre, no car does big boots at a sensible budget than the Toyota Etios sedan range. Your Uber awaits.

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