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Wheels24 contributor Ferdi De Vos takes a look at the history of the Nissan Skyline GT-R, Japan's most iconic performance car.

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The worst body kits of all time

2017-09-15 11:57

Car manufacturers employ some of the best industrial designers on the planet - people with huge artistic talent, and years of gruelling technical training behind them.

That’s why you need to be so very, very careful if you’re thinking about modifying your car.

As these seven questionable body kits show, sometimes a car is just best left as it is...


Source: Celica-gts.com/forums

An unwise and impractical modification such as this will inevitably get damaged with use, and start to look scratched and ‘beaten-up’ very quickly. A rear spoiler is usually required to produce downforce at high speeds so that cornering speeds can be improved with increased rear-end grip. It would appear to be somewhat unnecessary in the case of a 30-year-old Cressida. Additionally, classic Japanese cars are rapidly gaining a following in the classic scene and are quickly appreciating in value. This one, with its modification far removing it from the classic look, won’t be, though.

PT Cruiser

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The PT Cruiser isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, certainly, but this particular example is likely to be even less likely to find a buyer on the used market, no matter its condition. Extreme modifications will likely destroy the value of your car – so proceed with caution!

Mercedes-Benz CL

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The Mercedes-Benz CL was the brand’s top model upon launch, being the coupé version of the popular stately S-Class. In other words, this is about as fine a motor car as you can get. Given the likely buyer of such a car, it would seem that attempting to improve upon the Stuttgart designers’ work might be unwise, and any fiddling with suspension components or bodywork will certainly affect the car’s legendary ride, and impact wind noise at speed.

Toyota MR2

The MR2 has a legion of enthusiastic fans because of its mid-engine, lightweight layout that allows for enormously good-fun handling – a real bargain sports car. Modifying a sports car can impact the running gear componentry and negatively affect grip, ride and balance – something that could ruin a superbly engineered little sports car like the MR2, completely.

Toyota Alphard

It’s an impressive chop, for sure, but it’s pretty clear that the warranty on this Toyota Alphard will have been voided by such a modification – something to consider before doing modification work on any car. Additionally, it’s worth remembering that any major changes such as colour, for example, will require a trip to your licensing authorities to inform them of the changes. Be sure it’s worth the effort…

Nissan X-Trail

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The Nissan X-Trail is a superbly packaged family-SUV that can manage most of the off-roading a family may require, and is comfortable and safe on the road. This particular modification will leave this X-Trail struggling at speed humps and inclined driveways, reminding us that some cars are best left just the way they are!

Toyota Prius

This latest-generation Prius looks absolutely brilliant with these rims and lowered suspension, but it does leave the question about whether the changes will leave the car ultimately valueless on the used market.

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