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The All-New T-Cross – The Compact SUV Redefined

2019-08-13 14:34



Supplied by Volkswagen.

Think about the last time a car took your breath away. The last time you were truly blown away, genuinely taken aback by just its presence. What made it so breathtaking?

Was it the styling? Was it the class leading innovations and features? Was it the name of the manufacturer and the quality expected therein? Or was it a combination of all these things, coming together to deliver a motoring experience like no other?

Now, hold that thought.

While doing that, let Bidvest McCarthy Volkswagen introduce you to the All-New VW T-Cross. A Compact SUV that offers everything we’ve described above and much, much more. The T-Cross is the start of something incredible. Something that is special in every way.

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This new Compact SUV’s brilliance begins with its versatility. Many speak of versatility, but very few deliver it. Outside, the T-Cross is a subtle combination of ruggedness and fun. Inside, it is transformed, bringing to life countless innovative features and impressive spaciousness.

The T-Cross’ brilliance is further bolstered by its incredibly intuitive ability. For wherever your need for new adventure leads you, the T-Cross helps you tread your unique path easily and safely. With driver assist systems such as Lane Assist, Parking Sensors, and Park Assist – your safety is always top priority.

Now, let go of that initial thought and consider this:

The All-New T-Cross was imagined, built, and styled for those who want more than just the average from every drive. For those who want more out of life. For those who need adaptability, crave versatility, and can’t do without flexibility. It is a Compact SUV that is designed to give its drivers the freedom to be as spontaneous as they wish.

The All-New T-Cross is made for the daring few. For those who are will to T-Cross The Line.

Interested in the T-Cross? Then visit Bidvest McCarthy Volkswagen today.

This post was sponsored, written and provided by Bidvest McCarthy Volkswagen.

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