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10 Stages everyone goes through when buying a new car

2017-03-16 06:03

Buying a new car is a big step. Choosing the right car can be difficult, and it's even more complicated when you're thinking about interest rates, monthly payments, colour choices and options. You also need to know that you are making the right decision as to the car that you choose to buy and how much you spend on it.

The average car buyer will go through a ton of research and prep before sealing the deal on a new vehicle. They ask friends and family for advice and search online for reviews from experts and customers to help them make a decision they’ll be happy with. All this hard work goes into creating a smart and happy car buyer… right?

We have listed the 10 stages that every car buyer goes through when they are looking to purchase a new set of wheels to let you know you are not alone!

1. Noticing that you probably need a new car

Otherwise known as the acceptance phase, it’s your first step on your road to a new car. Are their fumes rising from your bonnet? Is your car breaking down more often than not, or costing more to fix than it may be worth? It might be time to invest in a new vehicle.

2. Checking out every car you like

When you are in ‘shopping’ mode, every car becomes an option, and its window shopping to the extreme! This stage is characterised by a number of conversations that start with “what if”, “maybe” and “ooh that would be nice…”

3. Test driving all the cars that you fancy

Shopping for a new car gives you a chance to test drive some of the new cars you want – even the one that you can’t afford. This is a very important but also fun step in the process. Keep your wits about you and your priorities straight, because a shiny dashboard and extra power could be enough to tempt you away from a better fit for you and your budget.

4. Getting approval for your finance

You’ve picked the car, it’s perfect and you can’t wait to get the keys, but you have to wait for bank approval…oh the nerves! There is always a certain amount of relief that you feel once you’ve receive that approval for car finance, and the car becomes yours.

5. Worrying about how empty your bank account is

The first debit that comes off your account for your car payments can be a bit tough. Even if you are prepared and within your allotted budget for the car, it’s a big “chunk of change” that might take some spending adjustments before you get used to it.

6. Pressing buttons and learning how everything works

Button and gadgets everywhere! Getting to know which side your indicator may be on, the nifty volume control buttons on the radio, the Bluetooth or even a rearview camera and parking assist. Every car is different and it takes a while before you are used to working out where all the buttons and levers are and what they all do. It’s an incredibly exciting time as you get to know your new “baby’’.

7. Being nervous that other people will break things in your brand new car

When you have a brand new set of wheels, you are so careful to make sure that you (or any of your passengers) don’t dirty or break anything. You know this phase – it’s the one where you park in the furthest parking bays at the shopping centre so other drivers can’t accidentally scratch it while parking next to you. If you could you’d cover your car in bubble wrap!

8. Laying down the rules to your other passengers

No ice cream, sticky drinks, saucy foods, no mud-covered shoes, no nail polish… the list is endless as you lay down the rules before your crew gets into your car, letting them know from the get-go what they can and cannot do inside your brand new shiny and clean vehicle.

9. You start finding your groove

The car is yours now! You’ve shown it off to your friends and family, got your seating and mirror positions just perfect, you’ve managed your first parallel park with no damage, and given friends a lift to the mall.

10. Getting the right kind of comfortable to be able to cruise down the road

One day, once all your worries are behind you and you can truly embrace your new car and all its’ glory, you will have the ability to drive to your heart’s content. Beach days, picnics and much, much more await on the open road –   joy riding with proud car owners!

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