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10 funniest vanity number plates

2017-10-26 06:00

There are countless ways to customise your car, making it your own. One of the most common and easiest alterations to a vehicle is a personalised number plate. Earlier in March 2017, we reported that the Department of Transport announced that motorists would be able to apply for personalised number plates with any combination of numbers and letters of choice, granted it’s available and not offensive. This is subject to the approval of the Member of the Executive Committee (MEC).

That being said, there have been countless examples of personalised number plates or ‘vanity’ plates flying under the radar of authorities around the world, which resulted in some hilarious examples.

Here are some of our favourites:

1. Perhaps a little pretentious:

2. Someone had fun:

3. Well, if you are willing to call yourself one:

4.       Perhaps a dentist?

5.       Own your status as a ‘cool dad’:

6.       Take the party with you wherever you go:

7.       Aspirational:

8.       I think we found Nemo in a different hue:

9.       Is that a challenge?

10.   And for the Star Wars fans out there:

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