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2016-10-28 12:33

HANDLING TEST: A video shows a Toyota Hilux fail handling tests and nearly tip over. Image: YouTube


The Toyota Hilux may be South Africa's best-selling vehicle but avoiding objects in the road without tipping over may not be its strongest trait, at least according to this video.

Sweden - The Toyota Hilux may be South Africa's bakkie king but a recent video shows the vehicle reportedly fail handling tests.

In the video, created by Swedish motoring publication Teknikens Värld, the Hilux can be seen travelling at 60km/h as a test driver attempts to navigate a 'Moose Test''.

The Hilux can be seen nearly tipping over as the driver attempts to avoid traffic cones. Wheels24 contacted Toyota for comment and we've posted the automaker's response at the end of this article. 

De ja vu Hilux test

Teknikens Värld calls the Hilux performance in its Moose Test "a big failure". It claims its driver travelled at 60km/h and while attempting avoid cones, the bakkies, left-side suspension bottomed out and its right front wheel lifted off the track...eerily reminiscent of the publication's test of a 2007 Hilux, nine-years earlier.

Conclusion? Teknikens Varld believes "something is seriously wrong" with the bakkie's dynamic safety system though adds that the result is dependent on the tyres fitted.

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The test

The Moose Test is performed at the bakkie's maximum load capacity with the Toyota Hilux having highest capacity among the tested vehicles (1002kg). For the test however it was loaded with only 830kg (including the driver and four passengers). 

SHOCKING: Is the Toyota Hilux the 'worst handling' bakkie in its segment?

Most telling is that the video shows rival bakkies, including the Volkswagen Amarok and Nissan Navara, undergoing passing the same tests with flying colours.   

Toyota responds

Wheels24 contacted Toyota for response: 

Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) said: "At Toyota, the safety and security of our customers remains our number one priority. 

"Toyota takes the report published by the Swedish automobile magazine, Teknikens Värld, on this emergency-avoidance test seriously and we are currently in discussions with the publication to find out additional details about the test. 

"Toyota applies its own strict safety standards to all our products and Hilux meets these standards. Nonetheless, to further ensure the safety and security of our customers, we will conduct a thorough analysis of their test and quickly determine our response."

Have you ever experienced bad handling with your bakkie? Email us or get in touch via Facebook and Twitter.

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