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Smash! This angry dad throws huge rock at beach-driving car

2017-01-04 07:30

Charlen Raymond

SMASH! This enraged father took matters into his own hands as he stopped a car from driving along a beach in Brazil. Image: YouTube

Cape Town - How far would you go to protect your kids? An angry driver was captured throwing a huge rock at a passing vehicle in an attempt to stop the car from driving along a beach.

Why throw a huge rock?

The driver of the white Opel Corsa decided to take a female passenger for a drive along Brazil's 'Blue beach', even though it is illegal to do so.

According to the video uploader, LiveLeak, the vehicle was driving "dangerously close" to a family. A father took matters into his own hands to ensure his children's safety. Literally.

In a fit of rage, as the car drove towards his family, the father picked up a massive rock and hurled at the Corsa, smashing the windscreen.

A female passenger confronts the enraged father but this only angered him and he can be seen picking up debris. He brandishes what appears to be a log as a weapon and threatens the vehicle's occupants.

The vehicle however is swept up by the ocean. Guess the owner won't be driving on beaches anytime soon...

What have you ever done to prevent a reckless driver from harming your family? Email us or reach us via Facebook  and Twitter.

Beach-driving in South Africa

Recreational beach driving in the Western Cape was banned in 2001, though regulations were amended three years later to allow certain research and scientific organisations, among others, to drive in specified beach areas if they acquired a permit to do so.

The City of Cape Town Traffic says: "There are many municipal by laws, but you can't really get arrested for driving on the beach, but you can be fined."

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Will your insurance cover the cost?

Driving through pools of large pools of water, especially if your vehicle isn't equipped do to so, can lead to potential engine damage. What's more, you might be in for a significant financial loss if your claim for damage to the engine is rejected by your insurer.

Brian Martin, ombudsman for SA Short-Term Insurance, said: "If your engine is damaged through water getting into the engine, without other damage to the vehicle, your insurer may decline liability for any claim for damage to the engine itself.

"This could leave you facing a very hefty bill."

Here’s a list of sand-driving tips:  

  • Reduce tyre-pressure to improve traction
  • Drive smoothly with gear changes at high revs
  • Make sure your wheels are pointing straight before pulling away
  • Avoid soft sand at the base of dunes and gullies
  • Take turns as wide as possible
  • Travel straight up or down dunes
  • Follow in others' tyre tracks to drive on compressed ground
  • Avoid braking - coast to a stop
  • Don’t slam the accelerator if you are bogging down
  • If you’re stuck, try to reverse along your own tracks


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