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VW Tiguan gets UK trade-in title

2010-12-08 14:07

BEST VALUE: VW's Tiguan 4x4 topped UK date for the least value depreciation over three years.

If you'd bought a Land Rover or VW/Audi product three years ago you'd probably - given that we're talking the UK here - now be in the pound seats for resale value.

Maybe it was the island state's horrific previous winter (and the threat of another one, which seems to have come true) that kept their prices up but Land Rover took three of the top 10 slots with its Freelander, Discovery and Range Rover while VW/Audi took another three with its Tiguaan (another 4x4!), Audi Q7 (yet another) and Audi A5.


The threat of global freezing seems to have banished the Brits' perceived hatred of anything faintly farm-like on their public roads and those who gave the finger to the non-greenies will, despite the Arctic blizzard that has turned everything white, have been gettng around quite nicely over the past few days, thank you very much.

With a few red faces in loonyland, perhaps.

Anyway, vehicle valuations authority, Glass’s, has revealed the top 10 cars that you should have bought three years ago to hold on to the biggest chunk of the car’s original price. Such foreknowledge is a vital part of buying a new car.

Glass’s, the bible when it comes to used-car values, has excluded automotive exotica and cars sold in very small numbers from the list, which expresses residual values as a percentage of original list price for vehicles within certain odometer readings.

Here's how then panned out (model, percentage depreciation, average annual depreciation in cash):

1 Volkswagen Tiguan SE 4Motion 5d - 68.0% - £2394
2 MINI 1.6 Cooper 3d - 65.9% - £1462
3 Honda CR-V 2.2 CTDi SE 5d - 64.3% - £2356
4= Land Rover Freelander 2 GS Td4 auto - 63.8% - £2965
4= Audi Q7 3.0TDI Quattro S Line Tip - 63.8% - £4962
6 Land Rover Discovery 3 2.7TD - 63.7% - £3720
7 Audi TT Coupe 2.0T FSI  - 63.6% - £3123
8 Nissan Qashqai 1.6 2WD Visia - 63.3% - £1628
9 Land Rover Range Rover 2.7TD Sport S Auto - 62.5%
10 Audi A5 2.7TDI Sport Coupe Multitronic - 62.2% - £4123

Adrian Rushmore, Glass’s managing editor, commented: “The VW Tiguan is blessed with all the right ingredients to give it great residual values. Apart from having the cachet of the VW badge, it has never been marketed hard as a new car and there have been prolonged periods of very limited availability.

“The MINI still does incredibly well. Having topped the table in 2008 and then slipped to fifth place last year, the first of the new-generation models are now three years old, boosting its ranking.


“Superminis are notably absent from the top 10 this year due to the scrappage scheme coming to an end. As demand for these exceeded supply, many buyers simply opted for a used model instead, which temporarily inflated residual values.”

“While the UK is in the grip of austerity measures and cost-cutting, it seems used-car buyers are opting to pay the highest prices – relative to original list price – for cars that reflect their chosen lifestyle and image, rather than those that that reflect a desire for lower running costs or outright practicality.”

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