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2013-05-24 09:09

GETTING THE JOB DONE: Four retired Suzuki Jimny fans are driving around the world to raise funds for their charity. Image: Newspress

Four septuagenarian Suzuki Jimny fans are well on their way around the world on a 46 000km advenutre in two small 4x4's to raise money for a children's home.

The expedition was masterminded by retired UK businessman Leslie Carvall and began in Southampton, England on Easter Sunday (March 31 2013). The crews, all in their seventies, are travelling without a support team.


The Jimnys have made good progress on the current 3701km remote section through Mongolia. They plan to reach Vladivostock in Russia by the end of May where the cars will leave for a 30-day sea-crossing to Vancouver, Canada.

Despite the days travelling at a slower pace and encountering some of the worst roads in the world, the only hiccup was a broken shock-absorber bolt. The crew stopped at a Suzuki dealer in Novosibirsk in Siberia which repaired the damaged car and gave each a service and valet.

The team’s progress through 16 countries and across three continents can be monitored on Google earth. Updates to the website are being added as well as interviews and video clips of the challenge so far.


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