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2014-02-20 12:52

HONEYMOON IN A UNIMOG: Newlyweds Peter and Jennifer Glas decided to add a twist to their honeymoon experience - drive around the world in a Mercedes-Benz Unimog.

Jennifer and Peter Glas

MUNICH, Germany - A 1986 Mercedes-Benz Unimog 1300L has been a home on wheels and honeymoon car for nearly a year for Jennifer (36) and Peter Glas (41).

The grand trip began in Munich in April 2013, leading through south-eastern Europe and the  rough terrain of the Anatolian highlands of Turkey.

On their honeymoon trip in their mobile home which was named Glaarkshouse - a combination of the two adventurers' surnames, Glas and Parks - Jennifer's maiden name.

The couple said: "If a vehicle is to take us to the roof of the world, it had to be a Unimog." So they opted for a Unimog U 1300 L (1986 series 435). The fuel tank holds 540 litres of diesel and a 180-litre water tank. Differential locks and portal axles ensured the vehicle remained safe and astoundingly light-footed in all situations.


The Unimog's off-road reliability, the size of its tanks, the solar power supply and a small sanitary area made the Glaarkshouse a genuine round-the-world trip mobile home which.

Mercedes-Benz fans took the opportunity to scrutinise the vehicle from below and take a peek into the engine compartment.

After visiting Iran, the couple finally had a chance to really put their four-wheeled travelling companion through its paces in Oman. The Omanis were also delighted to encounter the Unimog – which even pulled a number of stranded SUVs out of the sand.

The globetrotters are currently in India, where the Unimog's seat height is proving particularly advantageous in offering good visibility in the bustling traffic on India's roads.

The couple will soon be moving on to Nepal, Tibet, China and Mongolia. No end is in sight as yet on their thrilling adventure.

Their exciting stories from along the way, photographs and details of their route can be followed at www.glaarkshouse.com and on Facebook under Glaarkshouse.
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