New Sasol GTC cars set for thrills

The iconic Grand Prix Circuit will present a new challenge to the GTC drivers as they tackle the country’s fastest racetrack on June 16.

Suzuki’s new Swift hatch and sedan in SA

Suzuki kicks off its new model assault with an all new Swift hatchback and standalone sedan called the Dzire.

Safer 4x4 recovery with a blankie

2010-09-28 08:54

You don’t often see an 80-Series Land Cruiser getting stuck. When you have to recover it, make sure all contingencies are catered for, especially the management of a snapped kinetic strap’s ‘lash-out’ effect.

Kinetic strap aided off-road recoveries involve levels of force unfamiliar to most people.

When snatching a marooned 2t vehicle from a muddy depression, the force multiplier effect exerted by a kinetic strap tugged on by a pulling vehicle is severe.

Even the best materials have a breaking point and kinetic straps (more likely faux recovery points though) do occasionally disintegrate under the force of a snatch recovery.

When this happens the consequences can be far worse than a failed extraction of the stuck vehicle.

The flailing end(s) of a snapped recovery strap can be lethal under the initial movement cycle just after breaking, not to mention the ability of a U-shackle to punch through glass and steel.

Winch cables, due to their steel construction, can be even more dangerous than a kinetic strap when snapping.

Don't sacrifice your kid's duvet...

Conventional logic has always advised a blanket or jacket to be draped over the middle of the kinetic strap (or winch cable) to hopefully dampen the initial flailing movement of a breakage.

Why sacrifice a blanket when you could use something purpose built instead?

Local recovery equipment manufacturer, SecureTech, has added to its product portfolio for those 4x4 owners wishing to execute the safest recoveries possible.

The company’s latest offering is a neat little recovery blanket, effectively negating the abuse of your favourite veld-jacket or sleeping bag as a make-shift dampening tool.

Day-glo orange in colour (you’ll find it easily if it falls in mud or you are required to fit it at night) the SecureTech safety blanket is made from durable PVC and wraps around the kinetic recovery strap or winch cable.

The clever bit is this PCV blanket’s small pocket, allowing recovery operators to fill the under-slung area of the blanket with sand, resulting in very secure damper surround for any force-induced breakage.


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