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Porsche Cayenne fit for farming

2010-06-23 07:26

Boasting a 3.5t tow rating, lockable differentials and climate control the Porsche Cayenne turbo makes for one superb tractor.

Back in the day Porsche made a name for itself producing tractors.

Company founder Ferdinand Porsche was an engineer who keenly geared his product offering to market forces.

At a time tractors were big business in Europe and manufacturers tailored their production accordingly. Porsche was no different and had a diesel-powered tractor chassis ready to plough in 1934.

Despite not producing a new tractor since 1963, Porsche’s plough aids are considered classics.

The company’s previous CEO, Wendelin Wiedeking, even prepared for his yearly potato planting venture with a mint-condition, classic Porsche tractor.

Now a Danish farmer has decided to take something from Porsche’s current product portfolio back to the company’s utilitarian farming roots. 

Turbo (not diesel) John Deere alternative

Although Porsche does not offer an auxiliary hydraulic pump or quick connect to work any ploughing equipment’s lift wheels, this has not stopped one intrepid Danish farmer.

Determined to work his land (all six hectares of it) from the comfort of a plush, leather-trimmed Cayenne cabin our Danish farming friend set about the necessary modifications in order to hook up his crop preparation gear to a late model Cayenne turbo.

The stock Porsche Cayenne tow bar had to be extensively modified in order to accommodate a 6.3m wide He-Va Tip-Roller.

Considering the all-wheel drive Cayenne Turbo produces 368kW and 700Nm of peak rotational force from its 4.8l turbocharged V8, yielding an impressive tow rating of 3.5t, it’s hardly surprising to find Porsche’s SUV taking so keenly to farm work.

Of course, the added utility of being able to blast off on quick weekend jaunts down to the south of France only adds to the appeal. Try to find similar dual-purpose utility from a John Deere product…


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