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New tyres for big Arctic Trucks

2012-08-08 12:58

BOLD NEW WHEELS: Mickey Thompson's signature 35" tyres have been earmarked for Arctic Truck's hardcore conversions.

Arctic Trucks, which specialises in turning average bakkies into high-riding bundu-bashers or ice-crushers from its Knysna workshop, has roped in American tyre brand Mickey Thompson to its list of approved suppliers.

Mickey Thompson (or M/T) is considered a leader in the world of 35” diameter off-road tyres and it recommends its Baja MTZ and ATZ for Arctic Trucks’ big off-roaders.


Gary Swemmer, a Pretoria agent for Arctic Trucks, said: “The MTZ has received high praise all around the world for its ability in serious off-road conditions – especially muddy or rocky terrain - but also its performance on tar. It was never designed as an all-terrain tyre, but it has turned out to be something of an all-rounder nonetheless.

“In the case of the popular AT35 models – which are based around tyres with a 35” diameter - the need is also for a vehicle which is suitable for tarmac, and with a brand like M/T we are able to achieve that.”
With a set of these 17" tyres mounted on bespoke Arctic Truck rims, clearance to the differential is around 290mm, the company said, although further promised that comfort, handling, and driveability on the road is uncompromised.
“These tyres are not only exceptionally good-looking thanks to their chunky tread and raised white lettering but their deep shoulder lugs provide aggressive traction while the open tread pattern means they don’t clog easily, no matter how gooey the mud gets,” Swemmer continued. “The clincher is the triple-ply sidewall construction, for excellent puncture resistance, and handling stability.”
A full range of Mickey Thompson off-road tyres are available from LA Sport outlets nationwide, and also directly from Automotive Technology Specialists, the sole South African agent for Mickey Thompson wheels and tyres.

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