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New Freelander to debut FWD eD4

2010-08-04 12:02

New Freelander gains a Range Rover lookalike grille treatment and more efficient engines.

Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer Land Rover
Model Freelander 2
Engine 2.2l turbodiesel
Power 110kW/139kW
Torque 420Nm
Land Rover’s unveiled its revised Freelander, set to expand the brand’s front-wheel drive offering.

The upgraded Freelander 2 embraces two versions of the PSA-sourced 2.2l turbodiesel engine, benefitting from a variable-vane turbo arrangement and reprogrammed ECU.

Changes to the engine's boost system and control electronics have been made in order to enable Freelander 2 to become Euro5 emission compliant.

The revised Freelander 2 turbodiesel line-up features two derivatives, either a 110kW TD4 or 139kW SD4.

Both versions of revised 2.2l engine produce 20Nm more torque than the outgoing engine, peaking at 420Nm.

In terms of drive configuration the TD4 shifts via a six-speed manual transmission, whilst the more powerful SD4 is only available with an automatic.

Statistically these new engines offer a compelling argument to justify their technical advancements, both in terms of lowered emissions and performance gains.

Environmentally conscious Land Rover customers will be pleased to find the 110kW TD4 only emits 165g/km of CO2 (14g/km of CO2 less than the outgoing engine).

The more powerful SD4 should satisfy performance demands, completing the benchmark 0-100km/h run in a shade under nine seconds (nearly two seconds swifter than original Freelander 2 TD4) before powering to a 9km/h higher top speed of 189km/h.

Front-wheel drive Freelander?

The revised Freelander (shadowing a design change first announced with Range Rover’s new Evoque) will offer a single front-wheel drive model, the eD4.

Binning the all-wheel drive system reduces mass and enables the 110kW six-speed manual eD4 to record 5.9l/100km average consumption.

Land Rover boss Phil Popham explained the necessity of front-wheel drive products within the company’s product portfolio. "The European market for two-wheel-drive SUVs represents 23% of the segment, and we intend to compete strongly. A two-wheel-drive option is just one way in which we are developing our vehicles’ efficiency while adding to the Land Rover range."

Beyond the two new diesel engine grades and front-wheel drive derivative, Freelander 2's styling upgrades include a new front bumper (housing revised foglights), twin-bar grille treatment similar to its larger Discovery and Range Rover siblings and all-new alloy wheel designs measuring up to 19-inches.

Cabin embellishments include revised engine and road speed dials and the option of Windsor leather upholstery.

The revised Freelander 2 is expected to go on sale in European right-hand drive market by September.

South African customers can expect the more efficient and powerful range of Freelander 2 models towards the end of the year.

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