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Monster Delta 'force' Amarok

2011-01-31 07:17

WOLF IN WOLF’S CLOTHING: rolling 325/60 Mickey Thompson tyres, grip and flotation issues are not applicable to this Delta Amarok.

Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer Volkswagen
Model Monster Amarok
Engine 2.0 TDi
Power 147kW

In the German off-roading community, Bavarian Josef Loder is known as the King of Lift.

For the last 25 years Loder’s company, Delta 4x4, has been reconfiguring series production SUV's for European customers with decidedly American tastes.

With 60 off-road accessory packages available for vehicles as diverse as the Porsche Cayenne and Kia Sorento, Loder is the man to add additional ground clearance to your 4x4.

In all his years of fashioning elaborately flared wheel arches and jacking-up suspension systems, Loder has never really had an authentic German bakkie available as a foil for his prolific imagination.

That all changed with the introduction of VW’s Amarok in 2010.

All-terrain (and we mean 'all') Amarok

Loder’s interpretation of an ‘Americanised’ Amarok is, quite fittingly, called the Amarok Monster – and yes, we suspect something is lost in translation.

Fundamentally this ‘Monster’ bakkie from Delta gains 40mm of additional clearance courtesy of a lift-kit comprising spacer blocks and bars, which’s allows Loader to retain the Amarok’s original suspension geometry. Clever.

More accommodating wheel arches house a set of Mickey Thompson 325/60R All Terrain tyres on 18" beadlock alloy rims. This wheel/tyre combination adds another 60mm of clearance, with Delta’s Monster registering 100mm greater ground clearance (in total) than VW’s production Amarok.

Boasting 349mm’s worth of obstacle crossing mechanical clearance and running aggressively surfaced Mickey Thompson tyres, Delta’s Monster should be, well, monstrously capable off-road. The increase in both rolling resistance and diameter of the Delta Monster’s tyres is offset by an engine upgrade to ensure customers don’t feel the lift-kit and off-road biased tyres are completely intolerable for road use.

Delta’s technicians have upgraded the two-litre TDi engine’s management software to extract another 27kW of latent power present in the VW bakkie’s turbodiesel to register a new peak output of 147kW.

Beyond the Amarok Monster’s high-riding posture and outlandish wheel/tyre combination, Delta’s added to its appearance courtesy of four roll-bar mounted driving lights.

Delta’s Monster Amarok lift-kit conversion retails for R40 000 and could be quite a compelling alternative to Toyota’s Arctic Truck Hilux...

The Monster Amarok is available in SA through Sportsvans in Pretoria.

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