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Jeep all-out to bin glass pollution

2012-06-14 10:18

YOU CAN TAKE IT WITH YOU: This handy handbag from Jeep can take nine empty wine bottles directly to a bottle bank in one of the brand's showrooms.


A perfect launch at Cape Canaveral used to be when the space shuttle went up straight. A perfect car launch is when somebody gives you a seriously powerful car and a racetrack to play on.

Jeep, the perceived Master of The Great Outdoors, has partnered with The Glass Recycling Company in South Africa to help clean up broken glass in the the countryside and cities and on our beaches.

You should find a "glass bank" at every Jeep dealer in the country by the and of July 2012. Get a 'Go Green With Jeep' bag (like the one above which is now being used by Wheels24) and instead of binning your bottles drop them off at Jeep.


Guy Franken, boss of marketing and corporate affairs for Jeep's local parent Chrysler SA and for Fiat Automotive SA (yes, they're partners now), believes the glass recycling initiative will be a success. “Jeep has a global ‘Tread Lightly!’ programme that dovetails with this local recycling endeavour, undertaken through Jeep’s partnership with The Glass Recycling Company.

“Knowing the Jeep customer, and based on the success of our existing programmes, we expect to see a vast amount of support for this campaign.”

TGRC is not involved with the physical recycling of glass but rather promotes the recovery of waste glass for recycling by creating awareness about the importance of protecting the environment.

Glass is 100% infinitely recyclable without compromising its quality; the energy saved by recycling one bottle could run a 20W energy-saving (CFL) light bulb for five hours and save 20% on air pollution and 50% on water pollution than making a new bottle.


CEO of TGRC, Shabeer Jhetam, says: “About 40% of glass in South Africa is recycled. We’ve had exceptional growth from the 2004/2005 rate prior to the establishment of TGRC, where only 18% of all glass containers produced annually had been retrieved for recycling in SA but we still have a long way to go.

"Jeep's glass banks, along with the support of Jeep customers, will help us to reduce our collective carbon footprint and preserve our nation for future generations.”

Customers who want a test drive, buy a vehicle or have a service will be offered a glass recycling bag, fridge magnet and informative leaflet – small items that will motivate and inspire South Africans to protect our planet by recycling their waste glass.

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