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How 1 stolen Range Rover turned into 4

2015-01-22 08:58

HUGE HAUL FOR COPS: British authorities prevented these four stolen Range Rovers from leaving the UK because only one had a hidden tracking device. Image: Tracker

LONDON, England - British police, with the aid of vehicle recovery specialist Tracker, recovered four stolen Range Rovers at Tilbury Port, England... but it was a surprise!

Tracker had asked for help with one vehicle, identified as being in the container, but when the shipping can was opened four of the famous 4x4's were packed in like sardines.

Police reckoned they were, together, worth the equivalent of R4.3-million.


Police liaison manager for Tracker, Adrian Davenport, said: "Tilbury, like other major UK ports, has always been a hot spot for criminals trying to export stolen vehicles quickly.

"However, according to police, criminal gangs are now also using less familiar ports, such as Grangemouth in Scotland or Immingham and Killingholme in East Yorkshire, to ship high-value vehicles out of the country. Official figures show 53%* of stolen vehicles are never recovered and this case shows us why - criminals hide them then ship them."

Davenport added that Tracker had supplied police tracking equipment at strategic ports in the UK: "If a customer’s brand-new Range Rover Sport ends dockside, there's an even greater chance we will pick it up before it leaves the country."

*AVCIS – Trends in UK Stolen Vehicle Crime April 2014

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