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Hardcore Baja tested M/T tyres

2009-11-13 08:19
One of American’s most renowned tyre brands, Mickey Thompson, has gradually been expanding its 4x4 rubber offering locally since entering the market a year ago.

Although drag and classic racing devotees will be well acquainted with Mickey Thompson (M/T), hardcore 4x4 enthusiasts are discovering the virtues of this brand’s uncompromising all-terrain tyre designs.

The M/T off-road rubber portfolio now includes Baja Claw, ATZ, ATZ Plus and Baja MTZ derivatives.

For hardcore applications, not pavement hopping

These tyres are all aimed at dedicated off-road applications. All of M/T’s 4x4 tyres sport aggressive tread patterns (and accompanying noise levels) buoyed by redoubtable construction and side wall toughness.

M/T’s 4x4 rubber is available in usable 15-18-inch diameters, with some of the derivatives going up to 20-inches, for specific flotation applicationS.

Baja Claw goes right up to 40-inches in size. You'll hardly get stuck rolling those.

If you’re running an authentic rock-crawler, or are keen to strain your standard SUV’s transmission to pieces, M/T’s ATZ and Claw derivatives are available in sizes up to 40-inches in diameter locally.

Rest assured, rolling a set of these 40-inchers in your 4x4’s wheelarches will usher in epic ground clearance.

Each of the four M/T tyre derivatives has specific strengths.

The Claw has a forceful 23-degree tread pattern and oversized lugs on the edges of the tread to ensure optimal traction.

MTZ’s are more biased towards ensuring mobility through muddy obstacles.

To this end MTZ’s feature self-cleaning tread lugs and deep shoulder grooves to garner every last vestige of traction, especially when the tyres are sinking into particularly treacherous mud.

M/T's MTZ range is the mud conqueror of the range. Sidewall grips ensure any traction possible will be engaged in treacherous quagmires.

Retro style, contemporary construction

Beyond the forbiddingly focussed Claw and MTZ tyres, the ATZ range is probably the most road-biased M/T's available.

It still features substantial tread blocks, yet the patterns aren’t as hard-lined as the Claw or MTZ. Sidewalls are still reinforced though and ejector lugs are shaped in such a way as to disperse smaller stones.

The ATZ Plus is the most road-biased of M/T’s current local offering and features classic American white relief lettering on the sidewalls. This should appeal strongly to customers running classic Cruiser 40 bakkies or Jeep CJs who wish to round off that retro look perfectly.

The M/T range is retailed through South African and Namibia/Botswana, which means you won’t get stuck without replacement back-up on holiday in our most popular neighbouring states during December.

We have it on good authority no matter how impressed customers are with their M/T tyres a rendition of, "hey Mickey, you're so fine, you give me traction every time," is frowned upon in dealerships and at 4x4 meets...



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