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Cool your turbo with Thermotec

2011-09-19 10:47

WRAP IT UP: Thermotec’s products keep your blown engine bay cool.

The bulk of South Africa’s motorists run their vehicles at high altitudes. To compensate for the loss of power at altitude, turbocharged vehicles are boundlessly popular.

Unfortunately, running a turbocharged vehicle at altitude in South Africa’s rather sunny, high-temperature climate puts most modern engine control electrics under severe strain as under-bonnet temperatures soar thanks to turbine heat generation.

The solution? Thermal insulation turbocharger covers.


Marketed by Johannesburg’s Automotive Technology Specialists (ATS), the range of Thermotec products are tailored specifically for the Garrett T3 and T4 turbochargers – popular in most SUVs and performance hatchbacks.

How does it work? Well, the Thermotec kits create a physical barrier between the turbocharger plumbing and a vehicle’s under-bonnet architecture (reducing temperatures and protecting your ECU from heat damage). By reducing under-bonnet temperatures, turbo lag is countered too.

The other bonus is that by consolidating heat within the exhaust system, scavenging improves too – improving gas extraction and enabling a more efficient input of fresh air/fuel mixture.

ATS stocks a broad range of Thermotec heat control products intended to protect and improve standard, modified and motorsport vehicles. For example, on many SUVs fitted with a long-range fuel tank the enlarged tank often passes closer to the exhaust system than the manufacturer intended, but with Thermotec’s clamp-on heat shield there is a quick and easy fix to this worrying problem.


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