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LR ups in-demand Evoque production

2012-08-02 08:11
Demand for the Range Rover Evoque continues as the employees at JLR’s Halewood manufacturing plants celebrates one year of production.

Before actual production started 12 months ago, the Evoque generated exceptional market response with more than 18 000 advance orders from customers. This interest continued with the vehicle driving sales of almost 80 000 units in just nine months.


The Evoque has earned itself many awards, it has more than 110 under its belt. It’s been crowned Top Gear Magazine Car of the Year, World Design Car of the Year and North American Truck of the Year, among others.

There seems to be no end to the vehicle's popularity as it continues to receive positive feedback for its dynamic driving performance, concept car-looks and class-leading off-road skills.


The SUV's success has had a positive impact on the Halewood facility. In anticipation of the launch in 2011 the workforce was increased to more than 3000 employees.

It was announced in March, 2012, that a further 1000 employees would be recruited to help with the increased production of both Evoque and Land Rover Freelander 2, with which it shares a platform.

Halewood operations director Richard Else, said: "The Evoque is an incredibly exciting vehicle that continues to turn heads. Sales of the Evoque remain strong across all markets and here at the plant we are working hard to meet this demand."

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